Rep. Yaccarino Testifies to Advance Biosciences in Connecticut

Posted on March 14, 2024

Today in the Commerce Committee, which I proudly served on for six years, I testified in strong support of SB 379, a bill that would expand a tax credit for biotech businesses in Connecticut.
The bioscience industry in Connecticut is booming and has grown considerably in my time serving as co-chair of the bipartisan Bioscience Caucus. I am incredibly proud of our work to support one of our state’s largest – and growing rapidly – industries.
Over the last decade, Connecticut has gained its footing in the highly competitive biotech arena among industry giants in California, New York and Massachusetts. This tax credit would only accelerate our growth as we continue to produce more high-paying jobs in Connecticut.
Thank you to my colleagues on the Commerce Committee for your support of this initiative. Let’s get this passed!