School Safety Working Group Convenes First Meeting


A bi-partisan School Safety Working Group convened its first meeting to study issues surrounding school safety at the Legislative Office Building on Wednesday, April 18, 2018.  State Representative Dave Yaccarino (R-North Haven) will serve as a member of the working group, which was created earlier in the year.

State Rep. Dave Yaccarino attends the inaugural meeting of the School Safety Working Group.

Rep. Yaccarino explained, “Keeping our youngsters safe at school is of the utmost importance to me. Ensuring that our students and teachers are in a safe environment is a basic function that government should provide. I am committed to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to determine the best possible way to keep our children and our schools safe.”

The group will conduct a comprehensive review of school safety in Connecticut on an on-going basis and make recommendations for the next legislative session in 2019. In addition to state legislators, the working group will include school superintendents, law enforcement/first-responders, mental health professionals, school security consultants, students and parents.

The next meeting will convene in May after the conclusion of the legislative session on the 9th.

Rep. Yaccarino stated that constituents can feel free to contact him with any questions at


Earth Day 2018


April 22nd is Earth Day! It is a day of both awareness of our environmental impact and action to lessen it.

Before the first Earth Day nearly 50 years ago, the importance of the global environment simply wasn’t on the radar of most of us. Since then, Earth Day has helped to educate us about what we have to gain by acting in energy efficient ways.

Environmental protections, clean air and water restrictions, and countless conservation efforts may never have existed without public pressure from those participating in Earth Day activities. Things we may take for granted now, like recycling bins, hybrid cars, and efficient light bulbs, have all been a part of the movement started by Earth Day.

Although we stand to gain much from the advancements that have helped our globe to go green, doing our part doesn’t require us to be activists. Being environmentally conscious is as simple as utilizing a reusable water bottle instead of plastic, carpooling to work, or riding your bike to a friend’s instead of driving when you aren’t in a rush. Small, seemingly insignificant decisions add up to big changes in our ecological footprint.

As we approach Earth Day this year, take the time to reflect on your impact on our environment, so that we may all work on changing our environmental habits for the better.


State Representative Dave Yaccarino

87th General Assembly District

State Rep. Dave Yaccarino Welcomes AHEPA to the State Capitol


 State Rep. Dave Yaccarino (R-North Haven) met with Vasilios Diakogeorgiou (at left) and Vagos Hadjimichael (at right) of the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) at the State Capitol earlier this week. Rep. Yaccarino stated that he will be working with AHEPA in the near future to coordinate fundraising efforts to benefit military veterans.

Founded on July 26, 1922, the AHEPA is the largest and oldest American-based, Greek heritage grassroots membership organization dedicated to promoting Hellenism (a commitment to humanity, freedom, and democracy) Education, Philanthrophy, Civic Responsibility, and Family and Individual Excellence.

Rep. Yaccarino Tours Local Business


North Haven – State Rep. Dave Yaccarino (R-North Haven) recently visited Forget Me Not Florist, located in North Haven.

“Small, local businesses like Forget Me Not are the backbone of our communities and the engine of our local and state economy. I will continue to support policies which encourage their growth and expansion, and allow them to be successful and make lasting contributions both here at home and across the state,” said Rep. Yaccarino.

During a tour of the business by owner, Luigi Nuzzolillo, Rep. Yaccarino was able to hear about the business needs and the challenges this local florist faces within the industry, as well as from state policies and regulations. Rep. Yaccarino also had the opportunity to speak with store manager, Karen Morgan, about the day-to-day operations that she oversees.

“I appreciate the time that Luigi Nuzzolillo took to give the tour of Forget Me Not, and to share the many things that make this shop a unique piece of North Haven. It is important to me as a lawmaker to spend time listening to our small business owners about what they need to be successful, and how we can help at the state level. I will continue to fight against burdensome policies which make it difficult for small businesses to thrive in Connecticut, and I will encourage my legislative colleagues to do the same,” said Rep. Yaccarino.

Forget Me Not offers a full range of floral services for all occasions and is located at 39 State Street in North Haven. For more information, visit or call 800-487-0229.




Bioscience Bill Heads for Debate in Legislature


State Representative Dave Yaccarino (R-North Haven) joined legislative colleagues from the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee on Thursday, April 5, in voting in support of Senate Bill 266, An Act Concerning Incentives To Encourage The Growth Of Bioscience Venture Capital In Connecticut.

The bill, which Rep. Yaccarino introduced, seeks to exempt from the personal income tax certain income received by a manager of certain venture capital funds that invest in Connecticut bioscience businesses. The exemption applies to income received by a general partner from a sale or transfer of the fund’s equity interests in such businesses and for his or her management for the fund, adjusted according to the ratio of the fund’s investments in such businesses.

Senate Bill 266 will keep bioscience and biotech investors in Connecticut by providing a tax incentive, which Rep. Yaccarino said “will further grow our economy and jobs.”

“Bioscience is a driving force in our world and has the ability to transform our economy. Connecticut has what it takes to become a bioscience leader, and this legislation can draw greater resources and opportunities to our state with high-paying sustainable jobs. Investments in the bioscience and biotech industry also provide a greater likelihood of developing cures for rare diseases as well as delivering lower costs of healthcare services. There is only so much that can be done to raise taxes or cut spending, we need to grow our economy,” said State Rep. Dave Yaccarino.

The bill was voted out of committee and now awaits full debate by the legislature.