North Haven Veterans of Vietnam War Honored by State and Local Leaders

Posted on April 4, 2023


 NORTH HAVEN – On Tuesday, North Haven’s Vietnam era veterans were rightfully honored for their sacrifice and service by state and local leaders in a ceremony at North Haven High School. State Representative Dave Yaccarino joined Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz, North Haven First Selectman Michael Freda who each remarked about the impactful sacrifices and service of the veterans of Vietnam era conflicts.

To mark 50 years since the last troops returning home from the war in Vietnam, North Haven veterans were invited to join their fellow servicemen and receive long overdue recognition for their efforts. At the time when they returned from an unpopular conflict overseas, many veterans were met with harsh criticism for their role and many were denied the rightful benefits and recognition for their efforts.

“It is long overdue that we make a special effort to honor our Vietnam era veterans. When the conflict in Vietnam ended 50 years ago, many brave men and women returned home, but were not welcomed home,” Rep. Yaccarino said. “This ceremony was incredibly meaningful to me having served four years in the United States Navy reserve but also as I was privileged to present my brother, Louis Yaccarino, with tokens of recognition from the State of Connecticut for his service in the Vietnam War.”

North Haven is home to a rich community of military veterans and active veterans organizations which offer services for veterans and their families.

North Haven American Legion Post 76:

Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs:

Connecticut Veterans Affairs Hospital:

“To our veterans of the conflict in Vietnam and all of our veterans, thank you for your sacrifice and service and welcome home,” Rep. Yaccarino said.