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“Ban with No Plan” Shifts Emissions from Tailpipe to Smokestack

Posted on November 27, 2023


The CT Democrats’ plan to ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles in Connecticut by 2035 is the epitome of the classic bait and switch, with car emissions being shifted from their tailpipe to a smokestack.

Fully electric vehicles do not produce CO2 when operating on our streets, but manufacturing the massive batteries needed to move them along certainly does.  Instead of openly discussing the impacts from manufacturing these supposed Earth-saving wonder machines, nebulous terms and hand-picked data are

Clean Air? Dirty Conscience.

Posted on November 25, 2023


Connecticut Democrats pushing to ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles by 2035 claim positive environmental impacts of using electric vehicles, including cleaner air.

However, as they demonize the current auto industry as outdated and polluting, they fail to consider the true impacts a radical shift to all electric vehicles will have on our world, including the brutal environmental destruction from mining cobalt and lithium.  On top of that, those markets are dominated by countries with woefully horrific

Time is Money, Can You Afford to Pay More?

Posted on November 24, 2023


Every day, we depend on large semi-trucks to deliver the goods and products we use, including necessary items like food, medications, and building supplies.

Companies that deliver goods by truck will be forced to pass along the increased operational costs that come from having trucks and drivers sitting idle while trucks charge for 8-10 hours. Inflation already has Connecticut residents struggling to make ends meet, and the latest plan by CT Democrats to ban the sale of new gas-powered vehicles by

Who Will Pay for the More Expensive Trucks? You Will!

Posted on November 22, 2023


The governor claims the proposal to ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles won’t have an adverse affect on the business community, but just the cost of replacing a single semi truck is staggering.

Imagine your small business having to spend $250,000 MORE to purchase a new truck that doesn’t allow you to drive nearly as far before having to stop for an extended period to charge it up.  It will cost more up front, have substantially longer downtime between runs and won’t drive nearly as far before needing

“Ban with No Plan” Will Harm CT Businesses

Posted on November 21, 2023


Small businesses are the backbone of our state economy, and the legislature should be working to encourage more entrepreneurship, not stifle growth.

Unfortunately, under the guise of environmentalism, Democrats are proposing yet another anti-business, anti-consumer measure that will take more money out of YOUR pocket.

Their proposed Connecticut ban on the sale of new gas-powered vehicles in our state by 2035 will exponentially increase the costs of goods and services as trucking companies, shippers

“Ban with No Plan” is Not a Trade CT Should Make

Posted on November 20, 2023


The Democrat-proposed ban on the sale of new gas-powered cars and trucks in Connecticut by 2035 isn’t quite the environmental boon they’re pretending it will be.

Connecticut already faces electricity “brown outs” and service disruptions, especially during the peak summer months when households statewide crank up air conditioners to fight the heat and humidity.

Experts say it takes the same amount of energy to power 1 electric semi-truck as it does to power 400 homes! That’s not a trade I’m willing

Proposal to Eliminate Gas-Powered Vehicles is a “Ban with No Plan”

Posted on November 17, 2023


For months, I have been working with my House Republican colleagues to stop the Democrat-proposed BAN on the sale of new gas-powered cars and trucks in Connecticut.

We have urged the governor and majority-party Democrats to “pump the brakes” on their ill-conceived plan, and have the FULL general Assembly debate and vote.  So far, they have been unwilling to discuss it, and under the guise of clean air want to strip your ability to choose and force us to abide by laws created and passed thousands of

STOP the Proposed BAN on Gas-Powered Vehicles

Posted on November 15, 2023

Today, I joined House Republican Leader Candelora and my colleagues to urge the governor and majority-party Democrats to “pump the brakes” on their plan to align CT law with policies decided thousands of miles away in California.
Under the guise of cleaner air, their latest plan will BAN the sale of new gas powered cars and trucks in Connecticut by 2035. Democrats want to strip your ability to choose and force us to abide by laws created and passed on the other side of the country.

CT DoAg Accepting Applications for Low-Income Pet Vaccinations and Sterilizations

Posted on November 9, 2023


In a press release, the Connecticut Department of Agriculture (CT DoAg) announced that the Animal Population Control Program (APCP) began accepting applications for the Low-Income Program to assist eligible Connecticut residents with vaccination and sterilization of their owned pets on Wednesday, November 1, 2023.

Application forms are available for download in English and Spanish at https://portal.ct.gov/DOAG/Regulatory/Regulatory/Animal-Population-Control-Program. They must be completed and returned

Rep. Fishbein Earns Perfect 100% CBIA Score

Posted on October 30, 2023


Connecticut’s largest business organization recognized State Representative Craig Fishbein with a perfect voting score on key bills impacting Connecticut’s economic growth and business climate during the 2023 legislative session.

The Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA) ranked all state lawmakers based on their support for the business community’s positions on 10 important policies. The bills all affect job creation, small business growth and economic stability in Connecticut.