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“Roadmap” for electric vehicle mandate

Posted on March 11, 2024


I’m sending a quick note about a subject that’s gained a lot of attention over the last few months—a ban on gas-powered vehicles.

It was pushback from residents and businesses in all corners of the state that caused the Governor and majority Democrats to pause their immediate push for an electric vehicle mandate, but new legislation makes clear that their intention is to revisit their unpopular plan to adopt California’s radical emissions standards.

On Wednesday, the legislature’s Transportation Committee will hold a public hearing on a bill to create a council whose charge is to develop a “Zero Emission Vehicle Roadmap” for Connecticut. The bill excludes any representation from key stakeholders, such as the trucking industry, public safety, and the general public. It’s designed to reach a pre-determined goal: an electric vehicle mandate for all residents. The draft report is due to the legislature shortly after Election Day.

The “Roadmap” doesn’t require a review of the costs associated with:

  • Charging infrastructure & electric grid upgrades
  • Increased electric supply needed
  • End of life battery disposal
  • Adverse impact on infrastructure from increased weight of EVs
  • Gas tax revenue replacement

The “Roadmap” also does not:

  • Require a review of the adverse environmental aspects of EVs, such as mining of raw materials and excessive tire debris
  • Require a review of issues relating to pollution from other states traveling east to Connecticut.

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Nationally, the effort to produce and mandate electric vehicles is cooling due to concerns from citizens who understand the cost of energy and significant obstacles to develop and pay for a stronger electric grid and charging infrastructure required by a ban on gas-powered vehicles. Unfortunately, EV mandate proponents in our legislature won’t accept the obvious.

Testify and tell proponents of this bill they should drop their plan to adopt the extreme California emissions standards and instead follow those set by the Environmental Protection Agency that are used by more than 30 states.