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2022 Acts Affecting

Posted on July 29, 2022

At the conclusion of each legislative session, the non-partisan Office of Legislative Research compiles reports on public acts organized by topics. These reports include various topics such as “Acts Affecting Seniors,” “Acts Affecting Education,” “Acts Affecting Business and Jobs,” and much more.

Follow the link below to access the full range of reports:

Broadband Internet Infrastructure – Share Your Voice! July 21st

Posted on July 11, 2022

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

The height of the pandemic exposed gaps in internet access and broadband availability for many residents in our district as workers attempted to log-in remotely at home and students tried to participate in virtual learning. The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) – responsible for administering broadband infrastructure programs – is seeking information from interested parties to develop a statewide plan for universal broadband access.

A Public Input

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Share Your Opinion: Diesel Tax Increase

Posted on June 23, 2022

The rising cost of diesel increases prices on everyday goods driving inflation even higher. On July 1st, taxes on diesel fuel are scheduled to increase by 23% or 9.1 cents per gallon, bringing the total tax to 49.2 cents, up from 40.1 cents. The tax on diesel includes a flat 29 cent per gallon rate and a variable tax set each year on July 1st that is calculated by multiplying the prior year’s average wholesale price by 8.1%.

In March, House and Senate Republicans initiated the call for tax relief

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