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Update: April 17 8:00 p.m. – State Response to Coronavirus

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Friends and Neighbors,

Governor Lamont this evening announced Executive Order 7BB

The Order states that when people are unable to maintain social distancing, they must cover their face with a cloth or higher grade mask. The DECD Commissioner will update the Safe Workplace and Safe Stores rules.

The Order also reschedules Connecticut’s 2020 presidential primary election to Tuesday, August 11, 2020, due to the ongoing public health crisis caused by COVID-19.

To watch the full video of the governor’s afternoon press conference, please click here:

Executive Order No. 7BB enacts the following provisions:

  • Cloth face coverings or higher level of protection required in public wherever close contact is unavoidable: Effective at 8:00 p.m. on April 21, 2020, any person in a public place in Connecticut who is unable to or does not maintain a safe social distance of approximately six feet from every other person shall cover their mouth and nose with a mask or cloth face-covering. In addition, individuals shall use a mask or cloth face covering when using the services of any taxi, car, livery, ride-sharing or similar service or means of mass public transit, or while within any semi-enclosed transit stop or waiting area. The commissioner of the Department of Economic and Community Development will be required to update the previously issued Safe Workplace rules and Safe Store rules. Nothing in this order shall require the use of a mask or cloth face covering by anyone for whom doing so would be contrary to his or her health or safety because of a medical condition, anyone under the age of 2 years, or by an older child if the parent, guardian or person responsible for the child is unable to place the mask safely on the child’s face. If a person declines to wear a mask or face covering because of a medical condition as described above, such person shall not be required to produce medical documentation verifying the stated condition.
  • Further postponement of presidential preference primary to August 11: To protect the health and safety of voters, poll workers, and the most vulnerable members of the population, the presidential primary is ordered rescheduled – for the second time – to August 11, 2020. This is the same date that state and local primaries had already been scheduled to be held. Originally, the primary had been scheduled to be held April 28, and then the governor rescheduled it to June 2 with Executive Order No. 7G. Today’s order supersedes that previously enacted order.

Governor Lamont Orders Connecticut’s Presidential Primary Election Further Rescheduled to August 11

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont today announced that – in coordination with Secretary of the State Denise Merrill – he is ordering Connecticut’s 2020 presidential primary election to be rescheduled to Tuesday, August 11, 2020, due to the ongoing public health crisis caused by COVID-19. This is the second time the governor has rescheduled the presidential preference primary due to the pandemic. It was originally scheduled to be held April 28 and then ordered last month to be rescheduled to June 2.

The state is already scheduled to hold primaries for other federal, state, and local offices on August 11. Moving the presidential primary to this date will enable the presidential primary to appear on the same ballot as those other races.

To watch the full video of the governor’s afternoon press conference, please click here:

The governor’s full press release can be read here:

The Executive Order can be read here:


State launches new “Talk It Out” hotline for families to relieve stress of caring for children during pandemic

Parents and caretakers in need of help with the stress and increased needs resulting from caring for their children during the COVID-19 crisis are invited to call the state’s new “Talk It Out” hotline to receive assistance.

An initiative of the Connecticut Department of Children and Families, the hotline provides support from trained professionals who will listen and speak with those in need about their concerns and, if additional help is needed, refer them to responsive services.

Parents and caretakers are invited to call 1-833-258-5011 or visit

Governor Lamont said reaching out for support and help is a healthy way for a family to respond to increased stress.

The “Talk It Out” hotline is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., and on weekends from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. It has both English and Spanish capacity.


AdvanceCT launches second business survey to provide feedback to state policymakers

AdvanceCT, the nonprofit organization that works to advance overall economic competitiveness in Connecticut, today launched a second survey for the state’s businesses with the goal of providing continued feedback to state policymakers regarding how businesses have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Results of the survey will be used to prioritize economic recovery initiatives. The survey is developed in partnership with the Department of Economic and Community Development and the Connecticut Business and Industry Association.

Businesses interested in participating in this survey can access it here: COVID-19 Phase II Business Impact Survey


Department of Revenue Services launches assistance program to help taxpayers impacted by COVID-19

The Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (DRS) has launched a new assistance program specifically designed to help taxpayers subject to current DRS collections matters who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The DRS Priority One Taxpayer Assistance Program (Priority One) is available to business and individual taxpayers who may be unable to meet their current collections obligations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Any taxpayer who is the subject of a payment plan, bank warrant, wage execution, or other levy by DRS and needs relief or assistance because of the impact of COVID-19, can contact DRS directly to speak to a tax professional.

Anyone in need of assistance can contact the DRS Priority One Taxpayer Assistance Program via:

In order to assist DRS in evaluating email inquiries, taxpayers are encouraged to provide as much information as possible about their situation and the relief that is being sought.

For more information, read the press release issued today by the Department of Revenue Services.


Governor Lamont Announces Launch of Connecticut’s First Rapid COVID-19 Testing Center in New Haven

Test Results Delivered in 30 Minutes at No Cost to Patients

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont today announced that the State of Connecticut has formed a partnership with CVS Health in an initiative that will make free, rapid COVID-19 tests available to eligible Connecticut residents. This includes the opening today of the state’s first rapid testing site at the former Gateway Community College campus at Long Wharf in New Haven.

Using the new Abbott ID NOW™ COVID-19 test, CVS Health is planning to conduct up to 750 tests per day, seven days a week. All patients seeking to be tested will be required to pre-register in advance online.

Here’s how it works:

  • Anyone experiencing certain COVID-19 related symptoms and risk factors as defined by CDC guidelines, as well as those who meet certain requirements including state residency and age guidelines, are eligible.
  • All patients must register online and schedule a time slot prior to arriving to the test site. Anyone who does not have an appointment will not be tested. Tests can be scheduled for the same day or up to two days in advance. To register, visit
  • The testing will not take place at CVS Pharmacy or MinuteClinic locations, but will be held at the former Gateway Community College parking lot (60 Sargent Drive, New Haven). For the safety of patients and health care providers, all patients must arrive in a vehicle. At this time, walk-up testing is not being offered.
  • When patients arrive, they are required to remain in their vehicles. Team members will check their registration and direct them through the testing process. Health care providers, including nurse practitioners and physician assistants from MinuteClinic, will be on-site to oversee the testing.
  • The process takes approximately 30 minutes from the collection of the swab to the delivery of the results.
  • Testing is available at no charge to the public.

The former Gateway Community College parking lot was selected by state officials because it is an easily accessible area that is able to accommodate multiple lanes of cars at one time. The state is providing security, personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies for the team administrating the tests, and on the ground logistics.

More information can be found here:

During his nightly press conference, Governor Lamont indicated more rapid testing sites would be established in other areas of the state but did not have specific details.


OLR Reports Regarding Coronavirus Pandemic

The Office of Legislative Research produced four separate reports summarizing the governor’s executive orders concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.

The summaries are organized topically and focus on:

Business, Labor, and Housing:

Health and Human Services:

Education and Child Care:

Local Government Operations and Elections:

All four reports are also available on OLR’s website and will be updated promptly as the governor issues new related orders. The OLR website and Twitter feed also provide new reports and research related to COVID-19 and its public policy implications

The reports can be found here:


IRS: Stimulus Funds Will Not Be Taxed

There have been many questions regarding the taxable status of the Federal stimulus funds, specifically whether that money will be taxed. The IRS website FAQ section

Link to the IRS site:

Relevant section:

Receiving My Payment

Q20. Is the Payment taxable as 2020 income?

A20.No, the Payment is not income and you will not owe tax on your Payment. It will not reduce your refund or increase the amount you owe when you file your 2020 tax return next year.

A Payment also will not affect your income for purposes of determining eligibility for federal government assistance or benefit programs.

More information can be found here:


As of 4:00 p.m. tonight – Friday, April 17th – the state has diagnosed a total of 16809 cases of Coronavirus. Updated virus totals and Town-by-Town statistics can be accessed here:

The total statewide number of COVID-19 associated fatalities is 1036.

Latest COVID-19 Testing Data in Connecticut

Updated 4:00 p.m. on Friday, April 17, 2020

Total patients who tested positive: 16809

Fairfield County: 7146

Hartford County: 3015

Litchfield County: 569

Middlesex County: 422

New Haven County: 4520

New London County: 292

Tolland County: 258

Windham County: 92

Pending address validation: 495