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Caucus Members

The House Republican Caucus includes 60 state representatives from throughout Connecticut who serve in the 151-seat House of Representatives. The caucus’ members led by state Rep. Themis Klarides, who in late 2018 was chosen by her colleagues for a third term as House Republican Leader. You can view the rest of the caucus leadership team here.

Ackert, Tim8Contact
Arora, Harry151Contact
Betts, Whit78Contact
Bolinsky, Mitch106Contact
Buckbee, Bill67Contact
Candelora, Vincent86Contact
Carney, Devin23Contact
Carpino, Christie32Contact
Case, Jay63Contact
Cheeseman, Holly37Contact
Cummings, Stephanie74Contact
D'Amelio, Tony73Contact
Dauphinais, Anne44Contact
Davis, Chris57Contact
Delnicki, Tom14Contact
Devlin, Laura134Contact
Dubitsky, Doug47Contact
Farnen, Brian132Contact
Ferraro, Charles117Contact
Fishbein, Craig90Contact
Floren, Livvy149Contact
France, Mike42Contact
Frey, John111Contact
Fusco, John81Contact
Green, Robin55Contact
Haines, Irene34Contact
Hall, Carol59Contact
Harding, Stephen107Contact
Hayes, Rick51Contact
Hill, Leslee17Contact
Kathy, Kennedy119Contact
Klarides-Ditria, Nicole105Contact
Klarides, Themis114Contact
Kokoruda, Noreen101Contact
Labriola, David131Contact
Lanoue, Brian45Contact
Lavielle, Gail143Contact
MacLachlan, Jesse35Contact
Mastrofrancesco, Gale80Contact
McCarty, Kathleen38Contact
McGorty, Ben122Contact
O'Dea, Tom125Contact
O'Neill, Arthur69Contact
Pavalock-D'Amato, Cara77Contact
Perillo, Jason113Contact
Petit, William22Contact
Piscopo, John76Contact
Polletta, Joe68Contact
Rebimbas, Rosa70Contact
Rutigliano, David123Contact
Simanski, Bill62Contact
Smith, Richard108Contact
Sredzinski, J.P.112Contact
Vail, Kurt52Contact
Wilson, David66Contact
Wood, Terrie141Contact
Yaccarino, David87Contact
Zawistowski, Tami61Contact
Zullo, Joe99Contact
Zupkus, Lezlye89Contact