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State Rep. Carney Votes to Support Improved Learning Tools for Students

Posted on April 13, 2021


HARTFORD – State Representative Devin Carney (R-35) voted in support of two bill proposals brought before the Education Committee to focus on students’ well-being through the use of social-emotional learning while also addressing minimum standards for remote/distance learning.

“If any positive has come from the COVID-19 pandemic, it has helped emphasize the importance of focusing on issues relating to mental health,” Rep. Carney said.

HB-6557, the social-emotional learning proposal, would seek to

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Update to Vaccine Schedule, Tax Filing Extension, Capacity Increases, Gaming Update, and Other Information

Posted on March 22, 2021



Governor Lamont Announces Accelerated COVID-19 Vaccine Schedule

Governor Ned Lamont announced that he is accelerating Connecticut’s age-based rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine to proceed on a quicker schedule than what was originally anticipated when it was announced last month.

Going forward, Connecticut’s rollout of the vaccine will proceed on the following schedule:

  • March 19: Scheduling opens to all individuals age 45 to 54
  • April 5 (tentative): Scheduling opens to all individuals age 16 to 44
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Public Hearing on a Statewide Property Tax Proposal

Posted on March 15, 2021


Statewide Property Tax

Senate President Martin Looney has proposed a bill that would seek to add a new 1 mill tax on top of our local property taxes. This increase would apply to all houses assessed at $300,000 or more as well as commercial property. The money collected from this increase would go directly to the state to be redistributed – meaning much of it would not come back to our communities.

This bill is being labeled as a “mansion tax,” but in reality, it will affect so many

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