Rep. Rutigliano Talks State Issues & Government with Daniels Farm Students


TRUMBULL- State Rep. David Rutigliano (R-Trumbull) visited the 4th graders at Daniels Farm School and had a discussion with the class about state and local government issues.

“It is always fun to spend time with these smart and curious fourth graders. I look forward to their visit to the State Capitol in the spring,” said Rep. Rutigliano.

Rep. Rutigliano and the students talked about the duties of a state representative and how a bill becomes a law from concept and idea to final signature by the Governor, and how the General Assembly is a part-time legislature.

Many of the students were surprised the Connecticut Legislature was a part-time job. Rep. Rutigliano used the example of how as a part-time legislator he is also a small business owner in Trumbull.

State Rep. David Rutigliano Marks New General Assembly Session & Legislative Survey


Dear Neighbor,

Yesterday marked the Opening Day of the 2018 Legislative Session. In the even years, we convene a short session running from February through May.  This means we have a lot of work to fit into the next three months!

It’s an honor to serve Trumbull, and in the General Assembly, and my office is always open to you — during session and year-round. I would love to hear your thoughts on the issues that come before us this session.

It is very important that I hear from my constituents on the major issues of our state, so if you get a chance, please fill out my 2018 legislative survey.

You can reach me by email or through my office at 860-240-1378. You can also find updates on my legislative work on my website

Additionally, here are some resources that can help you keep track of everything that’s happening at the Capitol:

The first is the CGA website, where you can view the General Assembly’s schedule of events, stream the House and Senate sessions online via CT-N, or track a bill.

As proposed legislation becomes available, you can track any bill as it makes its way through the legislative process. Visit this website to register as a bill tracking user. Once you are logged in, you will be able to enter the bill number into the system. Whenever a change has been made to the bill’s status, you will receive an email informing you of this change.

The OpenConnecticut web site is another great resource, run by the Comptroller’s office that allows residents to track state government’s spending in real time.

Again, don’t hesitate to reach out to me on any issue. I look forward to a productive 2018 session!

State Rep. Dave Rutigliano 2018 Legislative Survey


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State Rep. David Rutigliano, Trumbull Reps Host Informative ‘Learn About the Legislature’ Forum


TRUMBULL- State Reps. David Rutigliano (R-123), Laura Devlin (R-134) and Ben McGorty (R-122) spent an evening last week showing interested Trumbull residents just how a bill concept goes through the process and becomes a new law, and how each and every one of those in attendance can better advocate for a state issue they feel strongly about.

The forum took place at Trumbull Town Hall in the Council Chambers and started with the Trumbull representatives taking turns explaining the process using a slide show presentation. The three Trumbull legislators used the example of the new affordable housing bill (8-30g) which passed in 2017. 

Rep. Rutigliano said, “This was an effective way to show constituents how a bill proposal from a legislator is vetted by colleagues and the public before we get to vote on a final product in the House of Representatives. In the end, as representatives who represent Trumbull, we do our best support bills that will help and make Trumbull and CT a better place to work, live and retire.”

“We wanted to hold this forum to better educate people on how they can get involved and follow, track and testify on legislation,” Rep. Devlin said. “Using the 8-30g bill as an example permitted us to show residents that the process is all about building consensus and common ground. Even though the governor vetoed the bill, the bi-partisan nature of the legislation made it easy for us in the General Assembly to override the veto and make to bill the new law of the land, a new which will help Trumbull.”

“I want to thank all the residents that came out to learn more about their state government,” said Rep. McGorty. “Our doors are always open, and if you have concerns, questions, or ideas on legislation please contact us.”

Some of the information covered includes:

  • The General Assembly committee process.
  • How to track bills.
  • How to testify for or against a specific bill proposal.
  • What kind of bills are proposed in a short session.

After the presentation the legislators answered questions from the audience on the process and specific issues like the state budget, tolls and election law.

For those that missed the forum, Trumbull Community TV was there recording and you can view here.

For questions please call 1.800-842-1423, or visit email your respective Trumbull legislator,,,





Reps. Rutigliano and Devlin Celebrate Henkel Expansion


TRUMBULL- State Reps. David Rutigliano (R-123) and Laura Devlin (R-134) today participated in the ribbon-cutting and tour of the new Henkel North America research and development lab building at 4 Trefoil Drive.

Henkel is a global consumer products and adhesives business that employs over 50,000 people worldwide, with 8,200 in the U.S.

In Connecticut, Henkel North America employs over 930 people including 86 at the research and development facility in Trumbull.  Henkel’s consumer brands include Persil, All, Purex, Sun, Dial, Snuggle Fabric Softeners, Schwarzkopf Professional hair products, Right Guard antiperspirants and deodorants, Loctite adhesives, and many more.

The Trumbull facility performs research and development for the company’s laundry and home care business units, and needed additional space.  The new building is adjacent to their current location at 30 Trefoil Drive, which will include additional lab space.

Rep. Rutigliano said, “We welcome the expansion of Henkel in Trumbull. Henkel provides great economic importance and opportunities both in the Town of Trumbull and the State of Ct.”

Rep. Devlin, “What a wonderful facility and lab. I was impressed with the company’s culture and commitment to their people and the community in which they work. We wish you many years of continued success in our community.”