Police Accountability Statement from State Representative John Piscopo

Posted on July 30, 2020 by admin


“I have received many comments regarding the police accountability bill recently put forth before the legislature. I have opposed bills like this many times in the past as a detriment to law enforcement. Enacting changes to ‘Qualified Immunity’ is not sound policy, and I oppose removing that protection for those that put their lives on the line for our safety, our communities, and our state. I also opposed this bill for several other reasons. Namely, we should not immediately go into a special legislative session after, and because of, a tragic event. Any changes that need to be made with regards to training, mental health evaluations, labor reform, and others can and should be made during a regular legislative session. Doing so ensures that any and all members of the public are afforded the opportunity to give their opinion, allows for legislative committees to comb over every phrase of the legislative process, and provides for full debate over every aspect of a potential law. Doing this now leaves room for consequences that may cause damage far into the future. For these reasons and many others, I voted no on this bill,” said State Representative John Piscopo.