Lawmakers Achieve Perfect Voting Attendance

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Voting record reflects 100% on votes taken during 2018 legislative session

HARTFORD- State Representatives John Piscopo (R-76) and David T. Wilson (R-66) achieved a perfect record for votes cast on the floor of the state House of Representatives during the 2018 legislative session, according to the House Clerk’s Office.

Representatives Piscopo and Wilson were present and voted for all 317 votes taken on the state House floor during the 2018 session, according to voting record data released last week by the House Clerk’s Office.

“My voting record is more than just numbers, it is a reflection of my continued commitment and promise to my constituents, and I hope that this 100% lets them know that that their voice in their state government matters on every issue. I take my legislative responsibility very seriously, and it is very humbling that the residents of the 76th district continue to entrust me with the privilege of representing their voice in Hartford. I’m proud to say to the people I represent that their voice was heard again this year on every issue that was called for debate by the legislature,” said Rep. Piscopo, whose district includes Thomaston, Burlington, Harwinton and the Northfield section of Litchfield.

“I am proud to have again been present and voted for each bill that was called on the floor of the House of Representatives,” said Rep. Wilson, who has achieved a 100% voting record during both sessions of his term. “The people of the 66th district elected me to be their voice and bring their concerns to the State Capitol, and I’m proud to say that for the second year in a row, their voice was heard on every issue that came before the House for a vote.”

Piscopo, the Senior House Minority Whip and a leader in the House Republican Caucus, serves on the Environment, Energy & Technology and Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committees in the General Assembly.

Wilson serves on the Banking, Environment, and Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committees in the General Assembly.

For an overview of legislation passed this year, visit the Office of Legislative Research website:


Wilson, Piscopo Condemn Democrats for Failure to Override Vetoes on Education Funding, Hartford Bailout, School Safety

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HARTFORD – State Representatives Dave Wilson (R-66) and John Piscopo (R-76) blasted Democrats for failing to override Gov. Malloy’s vetoes and pass legislation to scale back the Hartford bailout, make schools safer, preserve education funding and provide tax credits for manufacturers.

On June 25, the legislature was called in for a veto session to overturn Governor Malloy’s veto of seven bills that initially passed through the General Assembly with overwhelming bipartisan support in both the House and Senate chambers during the regular 2018 legislative session.

“These seven bills passed in both the House and Senate with overwhelming bipartisan support. The fact that Democrats came back during the veto session and changed their votes on good bills that would help the residents of Connecticut just because they wouldn’t push back on Governor Malloy is playing politics over people and that’s not what we’re elected to do,” said Rep. Wilson.

The bill to prevent governors from withholding education cost sharing money from towns and cities passed in the House but failed to get the two-thirds support to override the veto in the Senate.

“This is a failure to act by the majority party, who had the opportunity to demonstrate leadership to the cities and towns of Connecticut, and that they truly care about their financial stability,” said Rep. Piscopo. This was a common sense proposal that passed the legislature with bipartisan support, but in the end, House and Senate Democrats chose to support Governor Malloy and his veto, rather than stand behind their original votes. It’s entirely unfortunate that politics came before education funding, and the taxpayers are the ones who ultimately bear the brunt of their failed policies when local taxes go up.”

Other bill vetoes that were upheld during the session included making school classrooms and schools safer, limiting the $500 million Hartford bailout that will cost Connecticut taxpayers over the next 20 years, and helping manufacturers.

Rep. Wilson added, “Connecticut taxpayers are on the hook for the next 20 years for $500 million to bailout Hartford, an agreement which was negotiated in secret by Governor Malloy to bail out the failing city of Hartford with Hartford’s Mayor Luke Bronin, without the knowledge of the legislature. This is fiscal irresponsibility and deception at its worst, and the taxpayers of Connecticut deserve better.”

Rep. Piscopo added that the bill Republicans supported would have made schools safer by making it easier to remove dangerous and disruptive students from classrooms. “Teachers came to the Capitol to testify in support of this measure, and I will continue to support them on this issue, and will continue to work to pass legislation to make classrooms safer.”


Veterans: Aspen Dental’s Day of Service, June 9

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Doctors and their teams from nearly 450 Aspen Dental-branded practices across 37 states are opening their doors exclusively to veterans as part of their annual Day of Service on Saturday, June 9. Thousands of veterans will receive free dental care as Aspen’s way of thanking them for their service.

An estimated 191,607 veterans live in Connecticut, and most don’t receive dental benefits through the Veterans Administration. Appointments for Day of Service are still available, so please help us get the word out to veterans in your community.

Here’s how: 

  • Share the Day of Service phone line! Interested veterans should call 1-844-AspenHMM (1-844-277-3646) to find a local participating practice and schedule an appointment. Space is limited and appointments are filling up fast!
  • Share the news on social media! And don’t forget to use #HealthyMouthMovement and tag Aspen Dental in your posts.Participating Practices in Connecticut
    Bristol, CT
    Farmington, CT
    Torrington, CT
    *These practices currently have openings, but space is limited and appointments are filling up fast!

For more information, please contact or visit

More About Aspen Dental’s Healthy Mouth Movement
The Healthy Mouth Movement (HMM) was launched in 2014 and since that time has provided free dental care to veterans in need in communities across the U.S. In fact, more than 17,000 patients in 37 states have received over $10 million in free dental care through the program thanks to the generosity of dentists and team members from Aspen Dental practices.

Reps. Piscopo, Wilson Applaud Compromise Final Budget Deal

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Cite Medicare Savings, Teacher Pensions, Transportation Funding

HARTFORD – State Representatives John Piscopo (R-76) and David Wilson (R-66) voted in support of a compromise budget, noting that it fully restores Medicare Savings Plan funds that were cut, adds money for teachers’ healthcare and provides more money to the Special Transportation Fund without raising taxes.

The final budget plan that passed by a vote of 142-8 on the final day of the legislative session, is the result of lengthy negotiations with Democratic leaders in the House and Senate. The budget adjustment does not contain any tax increases, a critical requirement that Republicans insisted on.

“This budget adjustment ensures that those most in need, including seniors and the disabled, continue to receive critical resources with through the Medicare Savings Plan funding without increasing taxes on Connecticut residents. It also funds the Retired Teacher’s Healthcare, emergency placements for the developmentally disabled, and fire training schools. While this compromise does not address all of the issues Connecticut faces, it is a step in the right direction,’’ Piscopo said.

“This budget adjustment was necessary in order to address the $384 million FY’18 deficit that Connecticut was facing. It is indeed a compromise, as neither side of the aisle came away ecstatic about the document. However, it was essential in order to address the shortfall and to ensure that critical programs and core government functions remain funded. We fully restored the Medicare Savings Plan, and we’ve addressed the governor’s holdbacks on municipal aid and educational funding. In addition, we’ve secured funding to ensure that our veterans continue to receive quality care at our state Veterans’ Home, and military honor guard final honors, for their selfless sacrifice to our country,” said Wilson.

The plan will also provide $29 million more to the Special Transportation Fund for road projects by accelerating the existing tax on new cars. The funding will ramp up dramatically in the coming years, and all municipal aid and education cost sharing funding will remain whole in 2019.

Republicans were able to negotiate numerous provisions from their budget plan into the final legislation, including a hard hiring freeze on new state employees to save $7 million.

In addition the deal features:
$16 million in additional funding for Retired Teachers’ Healthcare to bring the state’s portion of funding to 33%
$5 million for emergency placement for DDS patients
$9.5 million for coast of living increases for private providers
$1.8 million for Old Age Assistance
$1.4 million for Aid to Disabled
$16.2 million for Community Colleges to cover fringe benefit costs
An additional $12.5 million to support VoAg students
$1 million for dairy farmers

Republicans also were successful in including some provisions for long-term structural changes, such as allowing for volunteerism at the local level to ease burdens on towns and cities, and hiring a consultant to come up with $500 million in savings for Connecticut.

The GOP also blocked a proposal that would cut funding for military funerals.

Republicans also secured language in the legislation that would inhibit Gov. Malloy’s ability to cut funding for towns and cities as he did under his authority following the passage of the bipartisan budget last October.

The Senate approved the budget unanimously by a vote of 36-0 and was signed by Governor Malloy on Wednesday, May 16.

The 2018 legislative session came to a close at midnight on May 9.


CT DOT: Alternating One-Way Traffic on U.S. Route 6/Route 222 (East Main St.), Thomaston, Starting Monday Night, May 21

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The Connecticut of Department of Transportation has issued this statement regarding bridge repair work in our area. Please be sure to read this information as it may affect travel plans: 

The Connecticut Department of Transportation is announcing that U.S. Route 6/Route 222 in  Thomaston (East Main Street near Crabby Al’s Restaurant) will have alternating one-way traffic starting on Monday May 21, 2018, at 7 P.M. and continuing until 6 A.M. the following morning.  The weekday nighttime alternating lane closures will continue until all of the concrete deck/joint repairs on Bridge 00468 are completed (estimated one month).

The work performed in this project is preventative maintenance and will repair structural steel deficiencies, replace bearings as necessary, and some incidental minor rehabilitation such as deck patching and concrete repairs.  The following bridges are included in this Project; Bridge No. 00468, Route 222 and 6 over Naugatuck River in Thomaston, Bridge No. 01154 Bullet Hill Road over I-84 and Ramp 40 in Southbury, as well as Bridge No. 01161 Christian Road over I-84 in Middlebury.

DOT Project No. 0174-0402 was awarded to Olympus Painting Contractors, Inc., at a cost of $3,105,533.26 on December 21, 2017 and is scheduled to be completed October 26, 2018.

Nighttime lane closures will not occur during periods of scheduled nighttime special events held by the Railroad Museum of New England, Inc.


Piscopo, Wilson Support Domestic Violence Arrest Reform

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HARTFORD –State Representatives John Piscopo (R-76) and David Wilson (R-66) joined fellow legislative colleagues in the Connecticut House of Representatives in supporting a dominant aggressor provision within the existing state laws dictating arrest protocol in cases of family violence.

The bill, SB 466 An Act Concerning Dual Arrests and the Training Required of Law Enforcement Personnel with Respect to Domestic Violence, requires a peace officer, in responding to a family violence complaint made by two or more opposing parties, to arrest the person the officer determines is the dominant aggressor (the person who poses the most serious ongoing threat in a situation involving a suspected family violence crime). Current state law includes a mandatory arrest provision, whereby both parties involved in the domestic dispute may be arrested.

“This important bi-partisan legislation stands up for victims of domestic violence,” said Rep. Piscopo, a co-sponsor of the bill. “It is my hope that victims who have lived in fear and suffered in silence for far too long find courage to report dangerous and abusive situations, knowing that they can come forward and seek help without fear of being detained.”

Rep. Wilson, also a co-sponsor of the bill, added, “Due to the mandatory arrest provision, the dual arrest rate in the State of Connecticut is nearly three times the national average. This dominant aggressor provision will have an immediate impact in reversing that statistic, which means less victims of domestic violence being arrested and further traumatized by dual arrest and the system designed to protect them. I proudly cast my vote in the affirmative.”

According to the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 27% of family violence dispatch calls result in a dual arrest. Additionally, intakes as a direct result of a domestic violence arrest account for 32% of what is on the criminal docket for courts across the state, creating a huge logistical and financial burden for the state. In addition, dual arrest often decreases the victim’s safety, creates additional trauma for the victim’s children (children see a victim arrested and develop distrust of authority), raises a defense for the aggressor when the victim has been arrested and charged, and creates a larger legal Financial burdened for the victim.

The measure passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 147-1, and the state Senate earlier this week by a vote of 36-0. It was transmitted to the governor’s desk for immediate signing.