Food Labeling Bill Heard by Education Committee

Posted on March 15, 2023


Hartford – State Rep. John Piscopo (R-76) testified in support of a concept that will require the nutritional facts of school meals to be posted in the school cafeteria. Piscopo was joined by Thomaston’s Superintendent of Schools, Francine Coss, to help explain the importance of students having access to this information.

“We have students that order their lunch with no way of knowing what’s in it,” said Piscopo. “It’s tough to ask kids to hit all the food groups or monitor what they’re eating if the basic nutritional facts aren’t available for their daily lunch. Most of our distributors have this information readily available, so it’s a simple ask to have this information posted.”

According to the testimony of Superintendent Coss and Piscopo, Thomaston’s students are the ones who originally proposed this concept. Many students expressed concern over the mystery of school lunches, hoping the state legislature could provide a solution to help all students better understand what’s being served to them.

The bill, H.B. 6030, will likely be merged into a larger education-focused bill. According to Piscopo, the bill was well received by members of the committee.