CBIA Credits Piscopo With 100% Voting Record for 2023

Posted on November 1, 2023


HARTFORD – The Connecticut Business & Industry Association has released its 2023 legislative records. CBIA has ranked each individual legislator’s support, or opposition, to legislation that seeks to support Connecticut businesses, increase economic opportunities, and create greater affordability.

According to CBIA, State Rep. John Piscopo received a 100% voting record for the 2023 session. To review the state house voting records, you can click here.

“Proud to have earned a 100% voting record from CBIA – the Connecticut Business & Industry Association. The association, which has a great array of members, used a selection of the newly voted on laws to build a framework for their voting record scores. Scores were assessed based on individual legislator’s support of new laws that look to support Connecticut’s businesses, increase economic opportunities, and improve overall affordability. I was delighted to vote in favor of many new laws that will increase workforce development opportunities, but there is much more to be done to eliminate cumbersome reporting requirements, excessive filing fees, and to decrease taxes. I look forward to advocating for these topics when we convene for our next legislative year,” said Piscopo