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Letter to the Editor: Local Officials Stand Up for Your Zoning Rights

Posted on April 12, 2021


Last week, the Planning and Development Committee advanced two bills that would completely upend the ability of Shelton and other towns to manage their local zoning. Unsurprisingly, it was decided along party lines with all 17 Democrats on the committee voting in favor of removing public input and accountability from town land use and development decisions.

I applaud the Shelton Board of Aldermen and Shelton P&Z Chair Virginia Harger for speaking out against these bills. Allowing Hartford to mismanage

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Public Hearing on Car Thefts

Posted on March 29, 2021


Our local communities have been impacted by escalating motor vehicle break-ins and car thefts committed by juveniles with no fear of significant legal consequences.

There’s a Judiciary Committee public hearing Wednesday [Details below] where you can share your thoughts about the motor vehicle theft crisis.

Early this session, House Republicans submitted legislation to impose actual consequences for teenagers (15-18) who are repeatedly charged with stealing or attempting to steal a vehicle. Our proposal

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House Republicans Call For Balance of Power in State Government

Posted on March 25, 2021


HARTFORD — State Representative Ben McGorty (R-122) joined members of the House Republican caucus Thursday in voting to restore the balance of power to state government. Despite efforts by their caucus to reach across the aisle for the benefit of their constituents, House Democrats voted party line to once again extend the governor’s unilateral authority.

“I would say I’m disappointed, but that wouldn’t even begin to describe it,” said McGorty, who serves as an Assistant Republican Leader in the

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