Reps. Perillo, McGorty Continue Push for Veto Override


House Speaker’s Attempt to Kill Bipartisan Budget Fails- For Now 

HARTFORD – In a hastily called special session of the State House of Representatives convened with only one day’s notice, State Representatives Jason Perillo (R-113) and Ben McGorty (R-122) criticized House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz (D-Berlin) for his attempt to kill the bipartisan budget passed by the legislature in September, but vetoed by Governor Malloy. Firmly aware that there would not be the necessary 101 votes to override the veto, the session was called by the Speaker to quickly defeat the bipartisan budget – but that’s not how it played out.

House rules require the bill to be recalled by a member on the prevailing side of the bill, and none who voted in favor of the budget called the bill to assure its defeat. The Shelton legislators joined with supporters of the bipartisan budget, both Republicans and Democrats, in preventing action from being taken, thwarting the Speaker’s attempt to kill the budget bill. Having not taken action on it, the budget remains on the table, though both Shelton legislators recognize that getting an additional 24 Democrats to support the budget is a tall task.  Read More →

Reps. McGorty and Perillo Slam Governor’s Veto of Bipartisan Budget


Rep. Ben McGorty

On Thursday afternoon Governor Dannel P. Malloy delivered a veto of the bipartisan budget that passed the legislature during special session two weeks ago. State Representatives Ben McGorty (R-122) and Jason Perillo (R-113) blasted the action as sharply partisan and short-sighted, consigning towns like Shelton to steep cuts in education aid as the state continues to operate under the governor’s executive orders. The budget Governor Malloy has vetoed would have restored these funding cuts municipalities.

“It has come down to the governor preferring to run the state by cruel executive orders that slash education funding to our schools than to sign a budget that made some tough choices, but earned bipartisan support in both chambers to get to his desk,” said Rep. McGorty.  “We are now the only state in the U.S. that continues to operate without a budget.  The governor needs to recognize that the deal he negotiated with Democratic leaders with massive tax increases and new taxes on things like cellphone bills, that ultimately failed, isn’t the answer to our state troubles.  I hope my colleagues in the General Assembly join with me in supporting an override of the governor’s veto to put this bipartisan budget in place.” Read More →

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McGorty Votes for No-Tax-Increase Budget


Republican budget finally called in House – Passes with bipartisan vote State

Representative Ben McGorty (R-122) was in Hartford today for a second day in a row to vote on a biennial budget for the State of Connecticut.  Last evening the House failed to go in to take up a Democratic budget that had been negotiated with Governor Malloy.  Earlier today, the State Senate passed the House and Senate Republican budget with a surprise bipartisan vote including three Democrats.

The Republican budget moved to the State House of Representatives where five Democrats joined all 72 Republicans to pass the GOP No-Tax-Increase budget 77-74.

“Tonight the legislature voted to stop reflexively going to the well of more and higher taxes on our over-taxed families and employers to try to solve our state’s economic woes,” said Rep. McGorty.  “We recognized finally that these high tax policies are damaging our economy further, and have made some difficult choices and evaluated our priorities to ensure that dangerous cycle ends.  That starts by making us live within our means.” Read More →

McGorty and Perillo Call for Restoration of Funeral Honors Funding for Veterans


State Representatives Ben McGorty (R-122) and Jason Perillo (R-113) today called on Governor Dannel Malloy to reverse his executive order cutting funding to Honor Guard details provided by the state for funerals of veterans.  The executive order was issued by the governor to provide for operation of state government while no state budget is in place nearly three months after the conclusion of the 2017 legislative session, and two months after the start of the current fiscal year.

“We understand that the governor has to run state government, and that he has to find cuts facing a massive $5.1 billion deficit,” said Rep. McGorty.  “But short-changing those who served and sacrificed for the freedom of our nation by cutting funding for their military honors as they are laid to rest is disgraceful.  Maintaining such honors should be a priority.”

“Needing to find places to cut and save is understandable – taking away the final military honors from a veteran who served his country is not,” said Rep. Perillo. “If this is what we are being handed due to legislative Democrats being inert on the budget, they should really reexamine their priorities.” Read More →