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Rep. Mastrofrancesco opposes S.B. 493, an extension of Governor Lamont’s orders

Posted on April 14, 2022


Are we in a sequel to the movie Groundhog Day when Bill Murray lives the same day over and over again? Sometimes I feel like it up here at the Capitol, doing the same exact thing, extending the governor’s executive orders, over and over again.

Last night, the House passed S.B. 493, which extends four of Governor Lamont’s orders that were set to expire on April 15. One of those will extend access of COVID vaccine records online through the CT WiZ system and another extends the waiving of certain training and competency requirements for nursing aides so they can quickly enter the workforce.

A third provides more time to administer the UniteCT program, which provides tenants with emergency rental assistance. However, applications haven’t even been processed by this government program, and because of this backlog, landlords are still waiting to get paid.

While some of these may be good policies, I voted no to an extension. That’s because all of these deserve to go through the proper legislative process and have a public hearing where the public can weigh in. These shouldn’t be pushed through in a rush under what’s known as “emergency certification,” as they were last night.

They are now extended to June 30.

On Feb. 10 we were here extending these orders, and we’re here again, doing the same thing. Are we going to be back here again in June extending yet another health emergency that is no longer happening and more executive orders?

It’s obvious that we are no longer in a public health emergency and pushing through these executive orders by using COVID as an excuse is an abuse of power.

You can watch my speech on the House floor below.