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Rep. Mastrofrancesco Appointed Ranking Member of the Legislature’s Government Administration and Elections Committee

Posted on December 8, 2020 by admin


On Friday, December 4, 2020, it was announced that State Representative Gale Mastrofrancesco will serve as the leading House Republican lawmaker on the legislature’s Government Administration and Elections (GAE) Committee.

Mastrofrancesco, recently elected to her second term as state representative of the 80th General Assembly District, will also serve as a member of the legislature’s committee on Finance, Revenue, and Bonding and has been reappointed to the Human Services Committee. Her responsibilities in these committees begin at the start of the next legislative session on January 6, 2021.

“Few of my colleagues in the General Assembly are more passionate about issues tied to transparency and good government than Representative Mastrofrancesco. Gale doesn’t pull punches when something, or someone, runs afoul of what Connecticut residents expect out of their state government: common sense. Taxpayers will benefit from Gale serving in a leading role on this committee–she has a record of not just asking tough questions about the inner workings of state government, but also pursuing answers when they aren’t given to her,” said House Republican Leader-elect Vincent Candelora.

“Ensuring that fairness and integrity remain in our election process will be a top initiative of mine as absentee ballots and the election process in general will likely be a major topic of discussion this session, and I believe one of the most important issues facing our state,” said Rep. Mastrofrancesco. “As Ranking Member of the GAE Committee, I will work hard to restore the integrity and confidence in our election process, which Connecticut voters deserve.”

According to the Connecticut General Assembly, The Government Administration and Elections Committee has cognizance on all matters relating to elections and election laws. The Department of Administrative Services, including purchasing and central collections, but excluding personnel and labor relations, fire marshals, the fire safety code, the state building code and school building projects, the administrative functions of the Office of Governmental Accountability, including the office’s personnel and employment policies and information technology, and the Freedom of Information Commission, the Office of State Ethics, the Citizen’s Ethics Advisory Board and the State Elections Enforcement Commission, state government organization and reorganization, structures and procedures, leasing, construction, maintenance, purchase and sale of state property and facilities, state and federal relations, interstate compacts, compacts between the state and Indian tribes, and constitutional amendments.
The Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee has cognizance of all matters relating to finance, revenue, capital bonding, fees and taxation. The committee also has cognizance over employer contributions for unemployment compensation and all matters relating to the Department of Revenue Services and the revenue aspects of the Division of Special Revenue.

The Human Services Committee has cognizance over all matters relating to the Department of Social Services, including institutions under its jurisdiction, the Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities and the Department of Rehabilitation Services.

“I am thrilled to continue serving on the Human Services Committee and joining the Finance Revenue and Bonding Committee. I will be an outspoken voice for a better direction for our state and my role on these committees will afford me the opportunity to be heard,” said Rep. Mastrofrancesco.

Mastrofrancesco is honored to receive a leadership role in her caucus and is humbled by the opportunity to again serve the people of Wolcott and Southington.