Representative Dubitsky April Headlines

Posted on April 6, 2021


04/21/21 The Day-

Local Legislators Differ, Cross Party Lines on Ending Religious Exemption for Mandatory School Vaccines

State Rep. Doug Dubitsky, R-Chaplin, who voted against the bill, spoke in support of an amendment that ultimately failed but would have required any vaccines added to the vaccine schedule to be approved by the General Assembly.

“Public policy should be made by the members of this legislature, all of them. It should not exclude the vast majority of the people of this state,” he said. “The people that are elected to represent their constituents in this state should have the ability to debate and comment and vote any time additional substances, additional vaccinations, are added to the list.”

04/20/21 The Telegraph-

Bill Ending Religious Vaccine Exemption Now Heads to Senate

“This body [the Legislature] is attempting to remove the religious liberties of 8,000 children in this state because the good chairman says they have a choice,” said Rep. Doug Dubitsky, R-Chaplin, referring to Steinberg, who said children with compromised immune systems cannot choose to get a vaccine while many with religious exemptions can.

“What choice does a kindergarten child have in the prospects of their religion? Little, I would say. Little,” he said. “So throwing those children out of school, it’s not based on their choice, it’s based on the choice of the people in this chamber, people who should know better.”

04/05/21 CT News Junkie-

Affordable Housing Bills Advance with Some Changes

Opponents Were Successful In Changing The Legislation

Opposition to the legislation remains strong. Both bills passed along party lines, with Republicans voting against zoning changes.

Republicans want towns to maintain complete local control over their planning and zoning. They reject what they say are attacks on the character of their municipalities. Rep. Doug Dubitsky, R-Chaplin, said the proposals are themselves propagating racism.

“The history of zoning does not mean that it is currently being used for that purpose,” Dubitsky said. “People can move where they want. Zoning is not the issue.”

04/03/21 CT Examiner-

Scaled-back Zoning Legislation Advances in Connecticut General Assembly

Rep. Doug Dubitsky, R-Chaplin, objected to the choice of the secretary of the Office of Policy and Management and the commissioner of housing as the final arbiters.

“If I can put that into layman’s terms, these two individuals are going to determine how many low income housing units the state needs and then essentially, distribute them among the regions of state,” said Dubitsky.

04/01/21 Ebene Magazine-

Climate Change, Housing, Vaccines: Democrats are Building Up on Key Bills

State Representative Doug Dubitsky, a rural Chaplin Republican in eastern Connecticut, said the legislation could dramatically change the character of his district’s cities and even threaten farms.

′′ If 100 new homes are assigned to a city, which will build them?” Dubitsky asked.