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Home Heating Assistance Now Available

Posted on December 7, 2018 by admin


Connecticut currently ranks in the top five highest energy costs in the nation. With the cold weather upon us, many residents may struggle to pay their heating bills. However, fuel assistance is available to those in need.

Operation Fuel is now accepting applications for one-time grants of up to $500 per household for deliverable fuel, gas and electric utilities. Qualified individuals are those who have received a shut-off notice, have no utility service, or need assistance to maintain payment arrangements or have a past due balance of 30 days or more.

In order to apply for an Operation Fuel utility or deliverable fuel grant, you must submit an application through a fuel bank. To find the fuel bank that serves your town, please either use the Fuel Bank Finder or call 2-1-1.

You will need to provide proof of the last 4 weeks of income for all household members, the name of your fuel vendor (for deliverable fuel customers only), or your utility bill and payment history (for electric and gas utility customers only).

Operation Fuel is a non-profit organization that partners with local government and community-based organizations at more than 100 sites throughout Connecticut to ensure that families in need have access to year-round energy assistance. Their partner agencies may also be able to connect residents with programs that provide assistance for food, clothing, health services, childcare, and more.

Please share this information with those who may benefit!

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me at 1-800-842-1423 or Vincent.Candelora@housegop.ct.gov if you have any questions regarding the mobile app or any matter relating to state government.


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A New Budget Cycle Begins

Posted on November 30, 2018 by admin


As we prepare for opening day in January, the Fiscal Stability Commission, a group of business leaders charged with recommending budget fixes, and the Office of Fiscal Analysis, a non-partisan agency that provides financial data, presented the budget projects for Connecticut’s future.  Both agree that Connecticut is in very difficult financial shape and has not recovered from the recession of 2008.

While many of the suburbs voted for change, Connecticut has returned one party rule to Hartford.  Because a tie no longer exists in the Senate and the numbers are not as close in the House, I am concerned that bipartisan budget talks may not come to fruition.  In the House, representatives have created a Progressive Caucus with 45 members, roughly half of the Democrat party.  They are promoting a more progressive tax code where higher income earners will pay more taxes.  Connecticut tried that in 2010 and lost billions of tax revenue over the past decade as wealthy residents and businesses moved out of the state.  In fact, Governor Malloy’s budget secretary points out that Connecticut’s projected demographics over the next decade show a nine percent decrease in our population aged 45 to 64.  Those individuals are our highest income tax payers.  In the past five years, our highest income growth industries have averaged roughly only one percent growth per year, and our fiscal agencies are predicting another recession on the horizon.

On a brighter note, the bipartisan budget that passed last session created some constraints on spending that will help the state going forward, and I hope they remain in place.  We placed a hard cap on borrowing so the state cannot borrow over $1.9 billion per year.  We statutorily created a spending cap, which automatically restricts the amount of spending growth permitted in a budget.  We imposed a cap on revenue and “volatility” which essentially takes income tax revenue in excess of $3.15 billion and places it in the Rainy Day Fund.  Under this bipartisan budget, Connecticut has already saved over $1.7 billion in its Rainy Day Fund, the highest in history.

Last week, I met with Governor-elect Lamont.  I believe he understands the dire state of affairs.  With United Technologies splitting into three companies and Aetna merging with CVS, Connecticut must demonstrate to our business community that we are poised to do better.  The Progressive Caucus’ proposals seeking to expand government and taxes are coming at the wrong time.  With government budgetary fixed costs at over 51 percent, Connecticut needs to focus on growing the economy.  In our meeting, Governor-elect Lamont expressed his desire to work on a bipartisan basis and he shares our concerns over not achieving a balanced budget within the session deadline.  While each group offers solutions to fix the problem, I hope we come together with meaningful dialogue and put forth another bipartisan solution.

Rep. Candelora Receives 2018 First for Kids Award

Posted on November 20, 2018 by admin


On Tuesday, November 13, State Representative Vincent Candelora, Deputy House Republican Leader accepted a 2018 legislative award from Connecticut Voices for Children during the organization’s annual award ceremony held at the Pond House Cafe in West Hartford.

WEST HARTFORD, CT. On November 13 at the Pond House, State Representative Vincent Candelora was presented an award from CT Voices for Children.

The 2018 First for Kids award is presented to legislators that have stood out amongst others for their leadership in fiscal policy issues during the legislative session, and for their willingness to work in a bipartisan manner to seek constructive reforms to Connecticut’s fiscal framework. Specifically, this award was given to Rep. Candelora for his efforts to introduce changes to fiscal restrictions like the Bond Lock to provide the tools to the legislature to address the state´s challenges. 

“I am humbled to be considered an outstanding voice for Connecticut’s children,’’ Rep. Candelora said. “Over my many years of service in the Connecticut General Assembly I have always placed high importance on bipartisanship; it is an honor to be recognized for my efforts to benefit the children and families in the state of Connecticut,”

Anyone with questions, ideas or concerns about state-related issues can contact Representatives Candelora at Vincent.Candelora@housegop.ct.gov or 860-240-8700.

Connecticut Voices for Children is a research-based child advocacy organization working to ensure that all Connecticut children have an equitable opportunity to achieve their full potential. In furtherance of its mission, Connecticut Voices for Children produces high-quality research and analysis, promotes citizen education, advocates for policy change at the state and local level, and works to develop the next generation of leaders.

For more information visit: http://www.ctvoices.org/.