2024 Legislative Session: Resources for Virtual Participation

Representatives and Senators conduct some business virtually. You can watch livestreams of committee meetings, and there will be opportunities to participate in public hearings using Zoom. This page offers links to help you follow what's happening in the General Assembly, and we'll update it as new information or technological options become available.

Access Committee Livestreams, Pages schedules, agendas & more

If you’d like instructions on how to testify in a particular committee, check the CGA Bulletin and look under “public hearing notices.” You’ll find a list of committee hearings by date as well as details on how to participate, whether by Zoom, telephone or email.

Follow the Legislative Process Online

calendar of

Use the General Assembly calendar to find public hearings and committee meetings plus links to YouTube livestreams or to testify via Zoom.

Conneticut News Network

Follow the news and live streams of through CTN, which will continue to show some legislative meetings as well as related government-focused content.

Bill Tracking
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Interested in a particular piece of legislation? Sign up for email notifications from the Connecticut General Assembly's bill tracking service.