New Laws Effective October 1

Posted on September 29, 2023


Several new laws will be taking effect on October 1st. I have highlighted a couple of these new laws but encourage you to review the entire list by clicking the button below.

  • Municipal Veterans Services – This bill reorganizes the laws requiring municipalities to establish veterans’ representative programs and makes various changes to them, including allowing municipalities to jointly carry out their program related duties.
  • Wrong-way Driving Prevention – DOT will implement measures to stop the uptick in wrong-way driving incidences. They will be installing wrong-way driving detection and notification systems at least 120 highway exit ramps that DOT determines are high risk for wrong-way drivers. They’ll also be establishing a pilot program at high-risk exit ramps that the department determines are appropriate for testing systems that also broadcast alerts about a wrong-way driver’s presence on electronic highway message boards.
  • Addressing Street Racing and Takeovers – Extends an illegal street racing prohibition to parking lots; expressly prohibits motor vehicle stunts and “street takeovers” on public roads and parking lots; prohibits certain conduct assisting with them.

All the newly effective laws can be reviewed by clicking here.