Department of Labor Warns of Increased Fraud Claims, Protect Your Identity

Posted on July 17, 2023


Unemployment claim fraud is on the rise – an alarming trend that can be detrimental to one’s identity integrity. The CT Dept. of Labor has several resources available, for both employers and employees, to protect identity and limit instances of fraud. There are also resources to use in the event you believe that you, or your company, may be a victim of fraud.

You can learn more about CTDOL’s Integrity Unit by clicking here.

If you believe you are a victim of a fraudulent claim, you can access the CTDOL’s ‘ID Theft Report Form’ by clicking here (Spanish version).

Be vigilant about your identification and be sure to take precautionary measures to make it harder for nefarious actors to access your personal information.

According to the CTDOL, best practices include:

  • Using different passwords for your social media, banking, email, and other accounts.
  • Changing passwords regularly.
  • Using strong passwords—upper and lowercase letters, symbols, possibly a short phrase in lieu of a single word, and stay away from dictionary words.
  • Setting up two-factor authentication to access your accounts whenever possible.
  • Monitoring your accounts—if you had an email breach, other accounts may also be compromised.
  • Not responding to messages via text or email if it seems suspicious; instead, independently search out the contact information for the organization so you can confirm the communication.
  • Check credit card fraud protection services. Many of them will monitor the dark web as part of standard identity theft protection.