Retroactive middle class income tax cut
Phase-out threshold on retirement income taxes
Creates first-time child tax deduction


Two-percent increase to nonprofit service providers
Reinstates Transportation Strategy Board
Increases investment in gun violence prevention programs


Fund broad-based statewide education reform
Hold harmless towns losing ECS funding
Colleges & universities with oversight
Fully fund special education grants


No gimmicks, adheres to fiscal guardrails
Follow real-world hiring pattern in budgeting for open state employee
positions, save $200 million
Reinstates Transportation Strategy Board

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House Republicans unveil 2023-2024 budget proposal. 


Summary Of Our Priorities

  • More funding for Office of Victim Advocate and Childe Advocate
  • $150k for Bridgeport election monitor
  • Expand smoking cessation by continuing attorney general’s role in Tobacco Trust Fund enforcement
  • Creates $1 million support fund for families of fallen Police Officers
  • Expands funding for all fire training schools
  • Funding for internet crimes against children task force
  • Expands CRISIS programming to two more state police barracks
  • Provide funding for firefighter training
  • Funds new ombudsman for Community Home Care Program
  • Mandate waiver application for reinsurance program and invest $40 million to lower healthcare costs
  • Maintains current funding level for Office of Chief Medical Examiner
  • Provide funds to local health districts for tobacco use prevention
  • Study and implement environmentally friendly alternative solutions to road salt
  • Fund Youth Build and Manufacturing Pipeline initiative in Department of Labor
  • Increase funding for senior food vouchers and WIC
  • Allocates funding to continue Connecticut Grown for Connecticut Kids program supporting school lunches
  • Support separation of Public Utilities Regulatory Authority from Dept. of Energy & Env. Protection
  • Return Town Aid Road municipal grants to bonding program
  • Increase current services funding for bus and rail
  • Create new Northwest and Northeast ADA/Non-ADA micro transit programs
  • Fund effort to eliminate DSS waitlist
  • Increase funding for Project Longevity
  • Enhance 2-1-1- crisis service for housing and homelessness
  • Study out-of-network hospital expenses to reduce healthcare costs
  • Double Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) and expand transition time
  • Increases funding for elderly nutrition, expands navigator program for seniors
  • Increases funding to independent living centers for seniors and the disabled
  • Expands support for Care4Kids program by $60 million over two years
  • Invests $290 million in local education funding
  • Fully funds special education costs (Excess Cost Grant) by more than $50 million
  • State BOE parent member and appointment on Parent Cabinet
  • Finally funds already-approved Danbury charter school
  • Provides increased funding for digital library contracts
  • Doubles funding for minority teacher scholarship program
  • Expand and support school choice for students
  • Focus state scholarships on community college and trade schools
  • Provides 50 percent increase for assigned counsel (public defenders)
  • Preserves juvenile alternative incarceration funding allocation
  • Saves taxpayers $3.5 million by preventing new text messaging platform for inmates
  • Preserves funding for board and care of adopted children
  • Allocates funding for those seeing citizenship for refugees
  • Funds the fatherhood initiative
  • Provides funding for the Children’s Law Center

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Our Plan 


Structural, retroactive middle class income tax cut (Our proposal reduces the 3% income tax rate to 2% and the current 5% rate to 4.5% for single filers earning up to $150,000 and joint filers up to $300,000. We make this relief retroactive to January 1, 2023)
Creates first-time child tax deduction, $2k per child
Establishes phase-out threshold for taxes on retirement income
(Additional Information Pensions and Annuities)
Eliminates Highway Use Tax on Trucks
Restores pass-through entity tax credit
Eliminates sales tax on children’s clothing under $100


2.5% increase to nonprofit service providers
Increases investment in gun violence prevention programs
Increases current services funding for rail and bus
Creates Northwest and Northeast corner transit program
More funding for victim and child advocacy offices
Increase funding for senior meals
Expands GPS monitoring for domestic violence offenders
More funding for assigned counsel (public defenders)
Funds minimum wage increases for home health and waiver providers



Broad-based statewide education reform
Hold harmless towns losing ECS funding
Colleges & universities, with oversight


Expand and support school choice for students
Increase parent representation on State Board of Ed and Parent Cabinet
Focus state scholarships on community college and trade schools


No gimmicks, adheres to bipartisan fiscal guardrails
Continue to pay down teachers’ pension obligation bond as scheduled
Reinstates Transportation Strategy Board for planning