Scott Awarded 100% Pro-Business Voting Score

Posted on September 20, 2021

HARTFORD, Conn. — State Representative Tony Scott (R-Monroe) was recently recognized for his exceptional voting record in support of both Connecticut businesses and workers.

The Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA), which represents thousands of large and small employers in the Constitution State, recently gave Scott a 100% score on its annual State House Voting Record Scorecard.

Lawmakers were judged based on their support for policies that create jobs and bring businesses to Connecticut, as well as their opposition to job-killing taxes and harmful mandates.

“With the Capitol and other legislative buildings closed to them during COVID, I wanted to make sure the small business community still had a seat at the table in the discussions around this state’s economic recovery,” Scott said. “The most frequent concerns I hear from my constituents are about the sky-high taxes in this state, and Connecticut’s businesses have long put up with excessive taxation as just another cost of doing business here. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The House Republican caucus has prioritized the recovery and future success of our state’s businesses coming out of the pandemic, and we will continue to fight for policies to make businesses in Monroe and Newtown strong.”

CBIA’s policy initiatives feature in a number of the bills, with those recommendations designed to help businesses manage the high costs of navigating COVID-19 restrictions, create and retain jobs, and lead Connecticut’s economic recovery.

You can read the full report here.