Rep. Tony Scott issues statement on suspension of gas tax, which will save drivers 25 cents per gallon

Posted on March 23, 2022

Rep. Tony Scott, R-Monroe, issued the following statement after he voted to suspend the state’s 25 cent excise tax on gasoline, which, will go into effect on April 1 and run until June 30. It will also allocate federal funding that will make public bus service free during that time and the state will suspend taxes on clothing and footwear from April 10 to April 16.

“House and Senate Republicans have been calling for a suspension of the gas tax for weeks because we are hearing from residents daily about the financial struggles caused by skyrocketing prices at the pump. Though this is a measure of relief for Connecticut residents, it doesn’t completely remove the financial burden for commuters, businesses, families and parents who, in some cases, are simply trying to get their kids to school each day.

We need to do more and here’s how we can provide breathing room – repeal the Highway Usage Tax.

Earlier Wednesday morning, Democrats held a press conference where they proposed a repeal of parts of the Highway Use Tax, which is the same tax they voted to APPROVE last year. Democrats say they now want to exempt the agriculture industry from the controversial tax.

It’s clear that Democrats are having second thoughts about their choices, which will negatively impact our already overtaxed economy.

This session, we are proposing to repeal the tax completely, not just parts of it. That tax was aimed at providing funding for our roads, but instead it drove up the cost of delivering the products we use each day.

The tax targets heavyweight commercial trucks and passed along party lines last year despite objections from Republicans as well as trucking and grocery industry advocates who said the legislation would result in higher prices for consumers. The tax was estimated to generate $45 million in the first year. It would raise $90 million annually in subsequent years.

We also offered amendments that would have added exceptions for certain businesses, including agriculture, but those were voted down by the majority. We need to do better for our Connecticut families, and with more bipartisan efforts like the suspension of the gas tax, we can.