Piscopo, Republicans Unveil Proposals to Lower Energy Costs

Posted on January 17, 2023


Hartford – State Rep. John Piscopo participated in a news conference at the Legislative Office Building regarding the lowering of energy costs. Connecticut Republicans unveiled a new platform that is designed to create both short- and long-term relief for ratepayers Additionally, the package ensures strong oversight of utility companies to protect the best interest of ratepayers.

“Electric rates have gotten out of control. This common sense legislative package addresses the elephant in the room of runaway costs without proper oversight of the utilities,” said Piscopo. “Residents and businesses need immediate relief. Consumers also deserve to have their interests fairly represented, which is why the regulatory authority and department of energy should be stand-alone entities.”

The proposals detailed by Senate and House Republicans include:

  • Moving charges resulting from public policy decisions from ratepayer bills to the state budget. (estimated savings: $362 million annually)
  • Bringing all clean energy sources into the state’s green energy strategy by adding nuclear power and all sources of hydro power to the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard program.
  • Improving the Standard Service Procurement process by examining the differing ways CT’s large utilities, small municipal owned utilities, and other states all procure power.
  • Restoring independence to utility rate regulators by separating PURA from DEEP.
  • Giving PURA more discretion and flexibility in decoupling to protect ratepayers.
  • Establishing utility rate case oversight to ensure that resolutions of rate cases and settlements are made in the best interest of ratepayers and not for other political considerations.

In addition to the legislative package discussed on Tuesday, Piscopo has his own proposals seeking to accomplish similar goals.