Rep. Pavalock-D’Amato Supports Bill to Provide Parity for Mental Health Treatment

Posted on June 5, 2019 by jpheasant


BRISTOL – State Representative Cara Pavalock-D’Amato co-sponsored a bill that would prevent insurance companies from treating mental health and substance abuse coverage differently than physical health.

The bill, HB-7125, An Act Concerning Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Benefits, will require parity for mental health and substance use disorder benefits, nonquantitative treatment limitations, increase coverage for health insurance policies to also include prescription drugs designed to treat substance abuse disorders. It would also prohibit the denial of coverage for any situation where the services or drugs were provided due to a court order.

The bill was introduced in the legislature’s Insurance Committee, of which Rep. Pavalock-D’Amato sits as the ranking member. Rep. Pavalock-D’Amato said “I was happy to help this bill get through committee and assist in its passage. A person who is dealing with a physical illness shouldn’t receive different treatment than someone who has a mental health illness, I’m happy to say that with the implementation of this bill that will no longer be the case.”

Under the bill, insurance companies will have to submit each year a report in writing that provides all the steps they have taken to comply with federal law and give the Connecticut Insurance Department data to prove that they are complying with federal law.

The bill received unanimous bipartisan support in the House of Representatives and will now move onto the Senate for future action.

If passed, the bill would take effect on or after January 1, 2020.