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A New Social Media Challenge is Encouraging Car Thefts

Posted on August 16, 2022


A new social media trend is resulting in a recent wave of vehicle thefts happening in Connecticut and across the country.

Kia and Hyundai vehicle owners are being urged to stay vigilant as a new social media challenge is encouraging individuals to steal vehicles using a phone charging cable and screwdriver.

The theft of these vehicles is possible due to the lack of an immobilizer. An immobilizer is a security device that doesn’t allow the car to be started unless the transponder or smart key is used.

Both Kia and Hyundai models prior to 2022 sold in the United States with a standard keyed ignition do not include an immobilizer.

While thefts can still occur when your vehicle is locked, a steering wheel lock or similar device can be the most effective way in deterring these types of thefts. Additionally, parking in in a well-lit place, or a garage (if possible) is also encouraged.

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