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Northwest Area Legislators Address Renters Rebate Program

Posted on November 15, 2017



HARTFORD – State Representative Jay Case (R-63) and Brian Ohler (R-64) voted on a provision to add funding the elderly and disabled Renters Rebate Program at the State Capitol on Wednesday afternoon.

Rep. Ohler went on to say, “I am pleased to see the Renters Rebate Program has been reinstated and kept whole. It was disingenuous for the state to withhold this critical piece of funding for our elderly and low income populace without any proper notification.”

The budget compromise that was passed at the end of October did not appropriate the adequate funding to keep the Renters Rebate Program as robust as it had been prior to its passage. Consequently, an undue cost was placed on the municipalities to fill the apparent gap. Regardless, the budget language has been amended as a result of the House action to ensure full funding of the program and to reduce the fiscal responsibility of the municipalities by 50%.

According to Case, checks will be issued at the end of the current month.

“It is too late in the year to be cutting vital services to elderly and disabled renters in our communities,” explained Rep. Case. “I have had several conversations with concerned constituents about their ability to continue to remain in their rented apartment or home. A fix was made, and as a result the Office of Policy and Management will continue to administer the program and issue checks to those who have qualified.”

According to the Northwest area legislators, the provision passed during Wednesday’s House Session will alleviate a significant portion of the fiscal pressure from the municipalities to fund the Renters Rebate Program. As a result, the qualified residents within this program will not see a reduction in their individual check amounts going forward.


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