Mastrofrancesco Opposes Excessive Arbitration Award for Assistant Attorneys General

Posted on March 28, 2019 by jdooley

HARTFORD- Today, State Rep. Gale Mastrofrancesco (R-80) voted against a state employee labor contract for the Attorney General’s office that negatively harms Connecticut taxpayers, while giving lavish bonuses to a new class of state employees.

“This labor deal forces middle class taxpayers to foot the bill while facing proposals to raise every tax under the sun and put tolls on our state roads,” said Rep. Mastrofrancesco. “I am shocked that the Democrat majority decided to rubber stamp these union agreements without consideration of the impacts on taxpayers or the programs. We simply do not have the money in our state budget to pay for these contracts, no wonder they need to raise taxes.” Read More

Mastrofrancesco Voted Against Government Expansion for Illegal Immigrants

Posted on March 21, 2019 by jdooley

HARTFORD- State Rep. Gale Mastrofrancesco (R-80) today voted against a legislative proposal which would permit illegal immigrant children to receive state Medicaid and HUSKY B program funds. 

“Everyone wants to help people in-need, but this bill would be a huge cost to the state,” said Rep. Mastrofrancesco. “I also believe in the legal process in becoming a U.S. citizen and this bill circumvents the federal process. Creating a new state-funded healthcare assistance program when we can barely afford

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Posted on March 19, 2019 by jdooley

HARTFORD – The Conservative Caucus today came out strongly in favor of House Bill (HB) 5227, “AN ACT CONCERNING THE REGULATION OF FIREARMS BY MUNICIPALITIES,” a bill that would establish uniform gun laws across the state. HB 5227 seeks to address the growing problem of cities and towns enacting local gun control laws which differ from state law, creating a minefield of conflicting laws impossible for law abiding gun owners to navigate.

“We fiercely defend traditional local control of budgets, schools

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Rep. Mastrofrancesco Opposes New Tax on Children’s Sports & Recreation Services

Posted on March 19, 2019 by jdooley

HARTFORD- With both the towns of Wolcott and Southington Little Leagues about to kick off, State Rep. Gale Mastrofrancesco (R-80) today announced her opposition to a new state sales tax on sports and recreational services for children.

“This sports and recreation tax is terrible policy. This tax will negatively impact middle class families in my district. The parents who sign up their kids for baseball little league, soccer, cheerleading, basketball or martial arts should not be penalized for the

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State Rep. Mastrofrancesco: Public Hearing State Tax Hikes

Posted on March 14, 2019 by jdooley

Dear Neighbors, 

On Friday, Governor Ned Lamont’s budget proposal will be in front of the Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee. As you may know, the governor is looking to increase revenues by implementing 53 tolls throughout the state and expanding the sales tax to include new items and services. 

Here are just a couple of services and items that will now fall under the sales tax: 

Rep. Mastrofrancesco, Conservative Caucus Opposes Lawsuit Against Federal Government

Posted on March 13, 2019 by jdooley

HARTFORD – Citing concerns from citizens in a letter to State Attorney General Tong, the legislature’s Conservative Caucus voiced its disapproval of his decision to insert Connecticut in a lawsuit against the Trump administration regarding the President’s recent national emergency declaration.

In an effort to secure the country’s southern border with Mexico, President Trump declared a national emergency on February 15. The President asserted that the need for border security necessitated the declared

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Mastrofrancesco Celebrates Reading with Wolcott Kids

Posted on March 13, 2019 by jdooley

HARTFORD – In honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday and the 22nd annual National Education Association’s (NEA) Read Across America Day, State Representative Gale Mastrofrancesco (R-80) joined in the nationwide celebration by reading to 2nd grade students at Wakelee Elementary School in Wolcott.

“What a wonderful time reading to the students. The children asked great questions about my role as a state legislator and shared their stories about their favorite activities, sports, and what they’re aspiring to

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State Rep. Gale Mastrofrancesco Op-Ed: Government Regulations are Invading Our Lives

Posted on March 4, 2019 by jdooley

This 2019 session has been a real eye opener for me as a new legislator. Every day there seems to be a new proposal or effort at the State Capitol to have state government run every aspect of our daily lives. Taking away our freedoms and ability to choose what we as citizens want and don’t want. One of my fundamental guiding principles has been to strive and work for a limited role of government permitting people ¬to be free to make their own choices. I ask myself one question, does the state government

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Wolcott Officials Testify for Local Control of Schools

Posted on March 4, 2019 by jdooley

HARTFORD –State Rep. Gale Mastrofrancesco (R-80) along with Wolcott Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tony Gasper today testified against legislation which would force school districts to regionalize and strip away their local control when it comes to education.

A public hearing of the Education committee drew thousands of state residents opposed to the proposals which would force school districts to regionalize.

The bills are:

• S.B. 457, An Act Concerning the Size of School Districts
• S.B. 738, An

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