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Honoring Our Veterans

Posted on November 10, 2020 by agallagher


Today, we honor and remember the many brave men and women who served and currently serve the greatest country in the world, and who have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep America safe and free.

Let us not forget Veteran’s Day is about the cost of our freedom. Our freedom is the most important and defining characteristic that makes us Americans – and without it, we are without self, or purpose – or a future.

The sacrifice of these brave men and women who serve this country is, and always has been,

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Thankful for Our Freedoms

Posted on November 1, 2020 by agallagher


As we approach Thanksgiving and the coming Holiday season, and setting aside the chaos of the year, we are reminded of the many things we are grateful for.

With Veterans day in mind, I am thankful for our troops. Many risk their lives daily to safeguard us all. Honorably serving their country, missing key memories such as family gatherings, the birth of children, and even the loss of loved ones.

The sacrifice of these brave men and women who serve this country is, and always has been, truly remarkable.

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Capitol Update: September Special Session

Posted on October 7, 2020 by agallagher


Last week, the House of Representatives held our second Special Session of 2020, since the shutdown began. Once again, our debates went into the night as we rushed to draft legislation and emergency certify bills on measures that are not true emergencies. Governor Lamont extended his Executive Powers at the beginning of September — effectively sending the message that he does not need the legislature to govern. The bills that were voted on were not Covid-19 related and were not emergencies. These bills could have been taken up during a proper legislative session with public hearings and debates.

Follow the video link below to view the Special Session in its entirety.

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