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The Grocery Tax is Back

Posted on September 12, 2019 by jdooley


Democrat “Meals Tax” Will Put 7.35% New Tax on Long List of Groceries Never Taxed Before, According to DRS

Candelora, Fasano: “The Democrat budget continues to hurt working and middle class families.”

HARTFORD – Today Senate and House Republican lawmakers held a press conference regarding newly released details on the “meals tax” included in the Democrat state budget set to go into effect October 1, 2019.

According to a Department of Revenue Services policy statement issued this week, the Democrat-approved

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House Republicans Oppose Payroll Tax Plan from Democrats

Posted on June 1, 2019 by admin


HARTFORD—House Republicans late Friday voted against a mandatory payroll tax from Democrats and slammed majority party lawmakers desperate to appease their progressive base by installing a new government-run paid family and medical leave program before the legislative session ends next week.

“Connecticut is among the most expensive places to live, it’s one of the most expensive and difficult places in the nation to run a business—stone cold facts that people who voted ‘yes’ tonight blatantly ignored,”

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A Letter to Governor Lamont Regarding Tolls

Posted on May 21, 2019 by jencusato

The House Republican Caucus formally delivered the following letter to Governor Lamont’s office with the intent to clearly state our position on tolls in Connecticut and our view of a possible special session for the sake of a vote on tolls.  Our position regarding this matter remains unchanged. Thank you, House Republican Caucus

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