Ledyard Town Hall Wrap-Up

Posted on July 21, 2023

We had a great turnout on Tuesday evening in Ledyard! I was happy to be joined by State Representative Greg Howard, Mayor Fred Allyn,  and constituents from across our districts.

I provided an update on a few pieces of legislation that we worked hard to get across the finish line. Including securing funding for our state to do soil testing for PFAS, which will be very helpful to farmers across our district and state. Also, I supported stronger laws against crimes of domestic violence, and the protection of homeowners and families in the foreclosure mediation process.

I also touched on the opioid epidemic and the further expansion of the CRISIS initiative,  legislation that I have worked very hard on over the last several years.

We see many bad bills come before us, I was proud to stand and speak in strong opposition  to legislation that would have removed violent sex offenders from the Connecticut registry. After impassioned debate, the bill was tabled for the session.

Constituents were concerned about the impact of Early Voting and how it will impact our municipal budgets and the greater implications it will have on our electoral system. Questions on teen vaping, and the consequences of legalized marijuana in Connecticut also was discussed.

In the future I look forward to hosting more of these town hall sessions across our district and hope you will be able to join me!