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House GOP Leader Klarides’ Response to the Governor’s Deficit Mitigation Plan

Posted on December 14, 2017


“We appreciate the Governor’s proposal that, by law, he is required to submit, and recognize that he does offer some flexibility in dealing with the latest deficit. However, two-thirds of this plan involves raising taxes or increasing revenue, such as cigarettes, sales taxes and conveyance. Many of them sound familiar because they were included in previous Democratic proposals.

Our priority remains the same: restoring funds for more than 100,000 needy elderly people and the disabled who rely on Medicare services in Connecticut. That is why we already submitted petitions to call us into special session to act immediately.’’

She noted that the SEBAC agreement will continue to limit Connecticut’s ability to deal with deficits.

Klarides said she will continue the ongoing discussions that have taken place with other legislative leaders to identify a plan for action.