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House Republicans File Petitions for Special Session to Address $10 Million Toll Study

Posted on July 30, 2018


HARTFORD – All 71 House Republicans have submitted signed petitions calling for a special legislative session to address the $10 Million toll study that Gov. Malloy and Democrats approved last week with an eye toward re-installing tolls in Connecticut.

The last batch of petitions was delivered today to the Secretary of the State’s office. The petitions are valid for 30 days.

“The House Republican caucus stands united in calling for a special legislative session to address the wasteful $10 million toll study that Gov. Malloy and the Democrats are intent on pushing forward in the last remaining days of this administration and the current General Assembly,’’ House Republican Leader Themis Klarides said.

At least five Democratic members of the House would be required to sign petitions in order for the chamber to come back into special session. A majority of the Senate would also have to submit petitions in order for a special session to take place.

Republicans vehemently objected to the passage by the State Bond Commission of the $10 million expenditure last week. They cited previous studies that have been done and the fact that there were not enough votes in either chamber in the regular session to approve any measure dealing with tolls.

Instead, the bipartisan budget approved May 9 with Republican and Democratic support included transportation policies totaling an estimated $200 million that were taken largely out of the Republican Prioritize Progress initiatives that the GOP has developed.

Gov. Malloy waited until after the legislature left Hartford for the year to push the $10 million study through the commission.