Rep. Haines: 2023 Budget Update

Posted on May 23, 2023


I wanted to take a moment and provide you with information on our state budget discussions. House Republicans are in the final phase of negotiations to develop it along with Governor Lamont, as well as General Assembly Democrats. I’m hopeful that our negotiations will result in a bipartisan budget for Connecticut, something we haven’t seen in our state since Republicans enjoyed nearly even numbers in the legislature back in 2017. House Republicans entered budget talks this spring with a plan that was hard for our colleagues to ignore—a balanced, two-year proposal that not only respects the bipartisan fiscal guardrails that were renewed earlier this year, but one that also avoids the type of accounting gimmicks that have characterized most Connecticut state budgets over the last decade or so. Our House Republican budget provides $1.2 Billion in tax relief, support for our students, and addressing crime which is plaguing our state.

With the many positive aspects of our budget, I’m proud to report that many of our proposals have been viewed favorably by Governor Lamont and our legislative colleagues across the aisle. I will keep you up to date on our progress and will work hard to ensure that the issues that are important to you remain my priority between now and the end of session.

You can view the House Republican budget plan here.


$1.2 Billion in Tax Relief, including:

  • Structural, middle-class income tax cut
  • First-ever state child tax deduction, $2k per child
  • Elimination of taxes on kids’ clothes under $100
  • Broadening exemption from pension & annuity taxes
  • Restoring the pass-through entity tax credit

Support for Students:

  • More ECS funding for local schools
  • Fully funding special education grants for the first time
  • Funding colleges & universities, adding fiscal control

Common Sense Provisions:

  • Follow real-world hiring patterns in budgeting for open positions
  • More funding for nonprofit service providers
  • Better planning, spending: Reinstate Transportation Strategy Board
  • Funding for GPS monitoring for domestic violence offenders
  • Create a support fund for families of fallen police officers