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The Wrong Direction

Posted on June 4, 2019 by admin

Years of bad policies in Hartford have led to our state’s economy lagging behind the rest of the country. We have all seen the lists of lasts and the statistics about Connecticut’s job losses and lack of wage growth. We can’t forget that behind those numbers are people, families struggling to get ahead.

I approached the state budget as my constituents do, as a taxpayer, a parent and a small businesswoman.

This budget squeezes the middle class from every direction. Residents will have to pay more at the grocery store, the drycleaners, restaurants and pay more for online services such as Netflix.

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Rep. Haines Supports Legislation to Protect Maple Syrup and Honey Producers

Posted on May 31, 2019 by admin

HARTFORD – State Representative Irene Haines (R-34) voted in favor of SB 233 ‘An Act Concerning Cottage Food Products and the Production of Honey and Maple Syrup’ on Thursday evening May 30th.

The legislation would exempt Connecticut producers of maple syrup and honey from the state’s Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act which is overseen by the Department of Consumer Protection. Instead, under this bill producers would be regulated by the Department of Agriculture.

“The Department of Agriculture is the most appropriate agency to set regulations for our farm producers,” said Rep. Haines. “In our region there is renewed interest in farming and bringing natural and native products to market. Growing cottage producers and small or family farms are part of what makes Connecticut a beautiful state to live in. This legislation makes it so much easier for our agricultural businesses to grow and thrive.”

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CT Open House Day, June 8th

Posted on May 29, 2019 by admin

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

June 8th is Connecticut Open House Day, an all-day event across the state for Connecticut’s museums, attractions and historic sites. Now in its 15th year, over 200 attractions will be participating by offering visitors free or discounted admissions.

Make sure to check out the website to see a town by town directory of events. Below are the listings in our area: