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2024 Acts Affecting Available Now!

Posted on July 8, 2024


I just wanted you to know that at the conclusion of each legislative session, the non-partisan Office of Legislative Research compiles reports on public acts organized by topics. These reports include various topics such as “Acts Affecting Seniors,” “Acts Affecting Criminal Justice and Safety,” “Acts Affecting Business and Jobs,” and much more.

Click here to access the full range of reports.

Celebrating Rich Farm Ice Cream in Middlefield!

Posted on July 3, 2024


We all scream for ice cream, and now Middlefield has another great spot to enjoy some of the best around!

Rich Farm Ice Cream Middlefield, which has been open for just about a year, officially held a ribbon cutting and celebration to mark their entry and commitment to the community. According to owner James Serra, they use an all natural ice cream mix that does not include corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, growth hormones, or other chemicals. They offer dozens of freshly-made flavors that range

New Laws Now in Effect!

Posted on July 2, 2024


I just wanted you to know that several new laws took effect on July 1st that could have an impact on you, your business, or our community. I highlighted some of them below.

An expanded list of those that took effect, along with summaries, can be accessed here.

An Act Concerning Coerced Debt (Public Act: 24-77)

  • More than likely one of the most important bills passed this session to protect victims of domestic violence, I was happy to bring all stakeholders to the table and completely rewrite this