House Republicans Applaud Electricity Rate Hike Suspension

Posted on July 31, 2020


Hartford – House Republicans applauded a recent statement obtained from PURA, the state’s regulatory authority on utility rates, indicating that electricity rate hikes recently approved on June 26, 2020, will be temporarily suspended. Consumers across the state noticed skyrocketing costs in the delivery charge section of their July electricity bills. Earlier in the week, House Republican leadership called for the suspension of the hikes and for the Energy & Technology Committee to conduct its own public hearing on the issue.

“We are pleased to see PURA take swift action to suspend rates and conduct a review. It’s simply not the right time to be saddling taxpayers with extra financial burden and it’s important that when rates do go up, consumers are given a thorough explanation and time to prepare,” said House Republican leaders.

According to PURA, as a result of the July 1 rate hike, the summer’s hot temperatures, and excess energy use linked to COVID-19 quarantining, the decision was made to suspend the new rate hikes. Consequently, rates will be reverted to those that were effective through June 30, 2020, pending a review of the rate hike request.

Considering the pandemic and its associated financial obstacles, the goal of the review will determine if Eversource had the intent of over-collecting revenues in the short term at the expense of ratepayers.

The public will have an opportunity to comment on the rate hikes. PURA has indicated that a public hearing will be held at some point in August, details of which are still being formulated. In the meantime, you can contact PURA’s Consumer Affairs department by clicking here.