Joint Statement from House Republicans on Crumbling Foundations

Posted on June 2, 2017 by admin


“The pointed threat by House Democratic leaders to include the crumbling foundations issue in the budget is yet another example of their inability to do right by the people we serve. Playing politics with the lives of thousands of people that are watching their homes crumble before their eyes is just plain wrong. The crumbling foundations matter should be considered on its own merits, separate from the budget.


“Too much bipartisan effort has gone into finding a path forward for this devastating tragedy. The crumbling foundation issue is not a Republican or Democratic issue. It is truly a concern for the entire state of Connecticut.


State Rep. Tim Ackert

State Rep. Christopher Davis

State Rep. Tom Delnicki

State Rep. Mark Tweedie

State Rep. Tami Zawistowski

State Rep. Greg Stokes

State Rep. Kurt Vale

State Rep. Robin Green

State Rep. Sam Belsito

State Rep. Prasad Srinivasan

State Rep. Carol Hall