Rep. Dauphinais Joins Networking Event to Support Veterans

Posted on January 16, 2018 by jpheasant


HARTFORD – State Representatives Anne Dauphinais (R-44) took part in a veterans and first responders workshop designed to bring case management resources to help then buy a home, gain employment, or learn new career skills in to better prepare them for the next chapter of their lives.

The camp coordinates the resources for each veteran based off of his or her individual needs. Many of the veterans who come to Veterans Base Camp are displaced, homeless, disabled, or just wrapping up their military service. The camp offers on the job training in food service, program & product development, business management & entrepreneurship, and several trade related jobs.

“It was a pleasure to have been invited to participate in the veterans workshop and to see all of these resources coming together for the betterment of our veterans,” Rep. Dauphinais said. “Many of the speakers who were here today have dedicated their entire careers to our veterans and I want to commend them for all of the work they’ve done and continue to do.”

The site previously served as an overnight camp for autistic children but remained vacant for over 10 years before being purchased two years ago by co-founder and camp CEO Darrell Chaloult and Bruce Maneeley, who then transformed the location into a veterans facility.

According to Cristina Mazzoni, Assistant Chairman and daughter of co-owner Chaloult, Base Camp offers many services designed to help identify those next steps for veterans when it comes to their lives and careers as many of them have spent numerous years enlisted and don’t feel if they fit, and if they do, how they fit.

Currently Veterans Base Camp are trying to identify funding opportunities and are currently partnering with Project New Hope based out of Wooster, Massachusetts to bring veterans onsite for various military related retreats.

For more information on Veterans Base Camp please visit their website at