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Connecticut Retail Merchants Association Names Candelora Legislator of the Year

Posted on October 5, 2017



HARTFORD— State Rep. Vincent Candelora, has been named Legislator of the Year by the Connecticut Retail Merchants Association (CRMA) for his commitment to understanding the issues of retail merchants and for advocating tirelessly on their behalf in the legislature.

Candelora, the House Republican Deputy Leader, was honored by CRMA at the 18th Annual Awards Luncheon on Oct. 4 in Hartford.

CRMA President Tim Phelan said, “Candelora is not only a great legislator, he is a great friend of the retail industry. He understands our issues like very few in the legislature do and we know that we can always count on him to appreciate the challenges you face day in and day out.”

CRMA specifically mentioned Candelora’s efforts of understanding what it takes to run a retail business as he is a retailer himself. Specifically CRMA president noted that one of the purposes of the ceremony was to: “say thank you to a public servant who cares deeply about Connecticut and the retail industry.”

Candelora said receiving the Legislator of the Year award from the CRMA president was a real honor.

“This is certainly not something I expected, it’s truly an honor. CRMA is a terrific organization that works to understand the unique struggles and needs of retail merchants in today’s economy,’’ Candelora said.

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