Radiological Society Honors Rep. Carpino for Breast Cancer Advocacy

Posted on November 21, 2022


CROMWELL – The Radiological Society of Connecticut (RSC) has recognized state Representative Christie Carpino for her leadership and advocacy in expanding insurance coverage of breast cancer screenings and tests. A certificate of Recognition was presented to her by RSC’s Dr. Michael Crain.

“The earlier a cancer in the breast can be detected by mammogram, the better the chance that it can be successfully treated,” said Michael Crain, M.D., immediate past president of the RSC.   “Representative Carpino has been a leader in bringing this important legislation to passage.”

The enhanced tests to determine whether breast cancer is present are contained in Public Act 22-90, which was passed in the 2022 legislative session and takes effect January 1, 2023.

“With the rising costs of healthcare, it was important to provide an affordable option for residents to connect with preventative screening services. Radiological screenings, like mammograms, help save lives,” said Rep. Carpino, who serves as a member of the legislature’s Public Health Committee.

Rep. Carpino was also supported legislation this year that expands the state’s breast cancer early detection and treatment program.  The legislation, Public Act 22-23, serves women who do not have health insurance or cannot afford the deductible payment.