Posted on October 20, 2023


PORTLAND – The Red Cross has recently reported a national shortage of its blood supply. State Representative Christie Carpino and State Senator Norm Needleman sponsored a blood drive at the Waverly Senior Center on Thursday, October 5th to help raise awareness -and donations-locally.  Each donation goes toward life-saving treatment and transfusions for hospital patients in need of blood, plasma, and platelets.

“I am so proud of our community’s participation and the fact that we were able to help the Red Cross make a positive impact on so many patients in need. This blood stands at the ready for our friends and neighbors should they have a need. I hope this drive may inspire others to donate during future opportunities,” said Rep. Carpino. Carpino also participated as a donor and was presented with a pin to commemorate her 5-gallon milestone.

“At a time when the Red Cross is experiencing an emergency and seeking donations from the public, I’m so glad we were able to hold this event and get people out to help the cause,” said Sen. Needleman. “Giving blood is quick and easy, and every donation can save up to three lives. Anyone who is able can and should seek out blood drives near them; it’s a worthwhile cause.”

According to the Red Cross, blood donations help accident victims, burn survivors, heart surgery and organ transplant patients, as well as those who are undergoing cancer treatments.

To find additional donor opportunities you can go visit