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Carpino Achieves 100% Voting Record

Posted on January 22, 2018 by Greg MacKinnon


HARTFORDState Representative Christie Carpino (Cromwell/Portland) has achieved a 100% voting record for both the regular and all special legislative sessions in 2017. This marks Carpino’s seventh consecutive year of earning a perfect voting record while representing the 32nd House District.

“The Speaker of the House asked membership to vote on over 400 separate proposals. My job is to be your voice in Hartford and it is imperative that I participate in every opportunity,” explained Rep. Carpino.


Carpino put forth several of her own proposals during the legislative session, which became law. Some of the notable legislation includes:

P.A. 17-229 – Clarifies the college transfer credit process. This will provide a better understanding of which credits transfer among the state’s community colleges and universities, allowing students to graduate on-time and with less debt.
P.A. 17-93 – Encourages food vendors donate meals to senior centers. This will increase access to nutritious meals daily and encourage socialization.
P.A. 17-131 – Limits the amount of opioids that can be prescribed and streamlines the prescribing process. This will reduce the release of excess medication which is often abused and misused.

The 2018 Legislative Session will convene on Wednesday, February 6.