Candelora, Kelly, Slam 23% Increase to State’s Diesel Tax and CT Democrats’ Failure to Provide Relief

Posted on June 15, 2022


HARTFORD – House Republican Leader Vincent Candelora and Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) released the following statement in response to the 9.1 cents per gallon increase in the state’s diesel tax announced today, a 23% increase in the tax on diesel fuel:

“This is yet another blow to affordability in Connecticut that will further raise inflation on goods, groceries, and services throughout our state.

“What’s so infuriating is that this tax increase is something CT Democrats and Gov. Lamont knew was coming and could have stopped. CT Democrats voted against CT Republicans’ proposals to cut the diesel tax during the legislative session. And thus far they have outright rejected our calls for a special session to suspend the diesel tax, repeal the truck tax, and deliver far greater relief to CT residents ranging from an income tax cut to energy assistance. They have the power to stop this tax hike, and they are failing to act.

“For CT Democrats to say they’ve already done everything they can to offer relief is completely false. People are suffering and raising taxes on the trucks that deliver our food and home heating oil, as well as our local landscapers, plumbers, and workers is only going to make inflation even worse and increase costs on everything from groceries to home repairs. It doesn’t matter if a truck comes from out of state. They are here in CT to deliver goods that we rely upon. If their costs go up, so too does the cost of the goods they provide.

“CT Democrats’ failure to lead is stunning. Yet they continue to celebrate their limited, one time ‘re-elect-me’ rebates as relief when families are suffering. They are more than out of touch; they are completely detached from the reality of the pain our families are facing. Connecticut is still unaffordable, our taxes are still too high, our families are still struggling. We have the power to ease burdens, and stop problems from worsening, and we are rallying across our state to demand action.”

Senate and House Republicans are calling for a special session to ease burdens on working- and middle-class families by suspending the state diesel tax, reducing the income tax, cutting the sales tax, providing energy assistance, and eliminating the truck tax.”

They are encouraging the public to SIGN THE PETITION calling for a special session at, and rally with Senate and House Republicans across the state, including at events TODAY in Stratford and Wallingford. Event details at