Candelora, Kelly: CT families struggle under Democratic leadership; CT Republicans are the solution

Posted on July 15, 2022


Middle- and working-class families have been clobbered by Connecticut Democrats’ policies, and they’ve had enough.

Since 2011, Democrats voted to increase taxes in Connecticut by nearly $7 billion, making Connecticut one of the most unaffordable and highest-taxed states in the nation and placing us near dead last in job growth and income growth. Yet now, Connecticut Democrats are patting themselves on the back for temporary election-year rebates and a meager attempt to counter the very harmful policies they put into place.

If you ask anyone in Connecticut today if they are feeling relief or seeing our state get more affordable their answer is no. The Democrats’ budget misses the moment. Connecticut residents remain overtaxed, overburdened and overwhelmed living in a state that grows more unaffordable by the day.

Connecticut Democrats have criticized Connecticut Republicans for expressing “lectern-pounding” outrage. We are “pounding the lecterns” because we are the voice of the middle- and working-class families — and they are fed up and frustrated by their government, controlled by Democrats, which doesn’t listen to them.

Democrats are proud of a budget adjustment that underserved state families by keeping $800 million in over-collected tax revenue in the state’s coffers and touting only temporary tax cuts for a select few. Republicans offered both short-term and long-term tax reductions for all state residents, at the same time we preserve historic additional payments to the state’s pension debt. Democrats voted no, so now we’re pounding the lecterns.

Republicans pushed to use a portion of the state’s $800 million surplus to cut the diesel tax to lower the prices of goods, groceries and services. Instead of cutting the tax, Democrats increased it, and pocketed the money. So, we’re pounding the lecterns.

Republicans pushed for tax cuts on gasoline weeks before Gov. Lamont and Democrats offered less than what our families needed. So, we’re pounding the lecterns.

Democrats celebrate inflation bringing in more tax revenue than they need. Republicans want to ease burdens on state residents by lowering taxes, so we’re pounding the lecterns.

Democrats rejected state Republicans’ proposal to reduce health insurance rates by $6,475 per year for the average family, as estimated by Access Health CT. This would have provided a reduction of nearly 30 percent in health insurance rates. Instead, our families are seeing proposed increases of over 20 percent. So, we’re pounding the lecterns.

Republicans want to extend the state’s financial protections that resulted in historic surpluses, a massive rainy-day fund, and record-breaking pension debt payments. Every Democrat voted no against this extension. So, we’re pounding the lecterns.

Republicans’ solution to make Connecticut more affordable, accountable, safer and prosperous for all families is possible. We can deliver significant relief to help working- and middle-class families as they struggle with 40-year high inflation, but we need your help to elect more Republicans so we can do that.

We are listening and responding to Connecticut families’ cries for help. We are raising our voices with them at every lectern we can.

Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly represents the 21st Senate District including Monroe, Seymour, Shelton, and Stratford. House Republican Leader Vincent Candelora represents the 86th House District including North Branford, Guilford, Durham and Wallingford.