Posted on January 9, 2019 by Greg MacKinnon


HARTFORD – State Representative Bill Buckbee (R-New Milford) was sworn into his second term today at the State Capitol when the General Assembly convened for the beginning of the 2019 Legislative Session, which will adjourn on Wednesday, June 5.

Rep. Buckbee will assume the Ranking Member role of the Internship Committee, and continue his service on the Commerce Committee. In addition to those assignments, he will also begin service on the Energy and Technology Committee.

“We are back in Hartford and getting to work right away,” said Buckbee, “I have quite a few proposals that will be beneficial to New Milford and Connecticut residents. A couple of the highlights of my proposals include a full-time job incentive, so that we can grow and strengthen our state’s workforce. I am also continuing my quest to bring commuter rail to New Milford, so that we have options for those who commute in and out of town daily for work, or on the weekends for recreation.”

Additional proposals that Rep. Buckbee will work to implement this session include:

  • Blockchain Voter Registration – to increase the ability of the public to register and participate in state and local voting
  • Opioid Hospital Credits – to provide financial relief to hospitals that have open beds to care for those recovering from addiction
  • Veteran Identification – to ensure that veteran ID cards can be used as legitimate verification for entry and access to public buildings requiring an individual to produce identification

“Of course, I am always open and looking to help craft common sense legislation. I feel that it’s incredibly important to reach across the aisle and get bi-partisan support on all of these proposals, as they are not politically motivated but certainly aim to improve the quality of life here in our community and across the state. I will continue to update you in terms of budget progress and with other important information based on our business at the State Capitol,” said Rep. Buckbee.

Legislators are currently in the process of submitting legislative proposals. The concepts are then considered within each committee of cognizance before they can be acted upon by the House or Senate.