Rep. Bronko Shares a Day in the Life of a Lawmaker During Career Day at Naugatuck Elementary School

Posted on April 5, 2024

NAUGATUCK – Should the legislature change the official insect from a praying mantis to a butterfly or even a dragonfly? That was the question Rep. Seth Bronko, R-Naugatuck, had for first graders at Maple Hill Elementary School during his presentation for Career Day. And the class’s decision may surprise you.

Rep. Bronko had the chance to talk to to several classes about his work in Hartford, how a bill becomes a law, and a recent debate about changing the state insect. Each student had a chance to be a “state representative” and vote for which insect they felt would best represent Connecticut. The overall winner? The Spring Azure Butterfly, with the mantis coming in second.

“The students were terrific and this was a good opportunity to learn about the process and the importance of voting. I wanted to thank the school and all its staff for having me today,” Rep. Bronko said. “And a big shout out to all the professionals who took time out of their day to inspire our students during their presentations.”

Joining Rep. Bronko were EMTs, police officers, reporters, nurses and even an Olympic swimmer, among many others.

“I hope that one of today’s presentations may just spark the inspiration that puts our youngest minds on the path to their dream career,” Rep. Bronko said.